A former Celtic director has taken aim at the Scottish government’s approach to Rangers fan title celebrations branding them “incomprehensible and irresponsible”.

Brian Wilson is a former Labour Party politician and Celtic director who is a passionate and long-term fan of our Old Firm rivals.

Fans Celebrate As Rangers Crowned Champions

Every single person in Scotland knew Rangers fans were gathering en masse to celebrate 55 – one ex-Celtic director believes the government could’ve done more. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Despite this, Wilson has provided some semblance of sense and sensibility amid the mire of aggressive politicking and subjugating coverage of the celebrations.

The crux of his erudite column in the Herald – written amid a fury of fire and brimstone being brought on anything red, white and blue – is that the SNP-led government should’ve done more to prepare for the painstakingly obvious party that was about the happen.

Wilson’s argument essentially centres around the government’s refusal to let fans into Ibrox Stadium to celebrate.

“If the politicians believe their own rhetoric, why did they not act last Friday to limit the public health damage from the Rangers party?” writes Wilson.

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“Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf could have made a recording of his pious strictures to be released around 6pm. and then taken the rest of Saturday off.

“What did he expect in George Square? Community singing of Abide with Me?

“Ditto the First Minister who should surely have seen the need for containment within her own constituency?


Ex-Celtic director criticised Nicola Sturgeon for failing to contain the Rangers party despite it originating in her constituency. (Photo by Fraser Bremner-Pool/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

“The lesson is that while it is easy to ban things it is within your authority to ban, a greater talent is required for seeing a bigger picture – and that is what they made a complete mess of last weekend.”


This is a stance further solidified by the news that Rangers suggested opening the stadium to 10k fans a day over the course of four days, so supporters could celebrate the team’s title triumph.

This was met with a tame and reckless response that appeared to provide no alternative and which essentially set this entire thing up for a failure.

Alcohol-fuelled violence and mayhem is the hallmark of Scottish gatherings – not Rangers ones – and no amount of egregious coverage of the Ibrox support in the aftermath of the event will change this.

But as the days pass since the event, one begins to both wonder and worry as to the true motivations behind the SNP’s abandonment of the reality of the situation and the disgraceful, derogatory coverage of the club and its supporters ever since.

Given this coverage, Rangers fans were quite rightly infuriated when news of the SNP-led government refusing the Ibrox club’s coverage became public.

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