Kilmarnock 0-0 Rangers Live Reactions

0′ – Boydy really does look as heavy as ever.

0′ – not sure if excited or worried

0′ – wait, I have Stella in the fridge…

0′ – this Ladbrokes advert is a nightmare. Thankfully it’s not the one with Coisty!


1′ – Bates looks nervous. Very nervous. And he runs like James Forrest.

1′ – daft free-kick, but Bates should have dropped square and offered an easier option

1′ – they should have scored there

3′ – two real wasted chances from Waghorn with poor passes already

4′ – yet another poor pass from Waghorn

6′ – I really, really hate this pitch

6′ – Beerman looked pretty comfortable there

7′ – and then uncomfortable there…

10′ – Tav up at corners – as if he needs any encouragement to get forward

12′ – far too many long balls so far. And this laptop needs a clean

13′ – offside or not, that was poor from Bates. Kiernan would have been mauled for that

14′ – ah, Boyd giving away fouls – aaaaagh, almost!

16′ – we just rarely seem to see the give and go around the box when Wallace isn’t playing

17′ – never a foul!

17′ – **** sake Waghorn

18′ – a little lucky there…

18′ – good effort! Beerman definitely better going forward than defensively

21′ – MEGGED!

23′ – I think we’re starting to settle. Not great, but better. Hyndman is gonna be a top player

24′ – McKay would normally make a pass like that

26′ – some better wing play from Waghorn. Best 2 chances have came from him, as have some horrendous passes

27′ – Boydy square head

28′ – another Boyd foul. At least 4 more before a booking I’d imagine

29′ – Garner just can’t help himself eh?

31′ – cracking run from Holt. 5-1 up on corners… SITTER GARNER!

32′ – ah, damn! Nice routine though.

33′ – ref had no intention of giving that. Why does Halliday get caught on it so often these days?

34′ – I wonder if my Xbox has automatically updated Gears of War…

35′ – Bates has settled a bit. Seems I was wrong about the team doing so earlier though

35′ – easy Tav, easy.

36′ – 15 goals top goalscorer this season – sums up our problems this season

37′ – wonder what the other scores are…didn’t even know Chelsea were playing City!

39′ – lovely touch!

40′ – Holt certainly presses more these days

42′ – MEGGED! Once more and he gets to keep him

42′ – Tav, man, that was stupid. Is it gonna be the touch and shot?

44′ – how many times did we see that in the past?


45′ – well, let’s be honest, that first half was kinda rubbish…

No goals in any of the Scottish Premiership games going into halftime.

Does anyone sit naturally on a sofa anymore?

Are all guys in the Lynx adverts skinny ladyboys without the tits?

Time for another can…

Forgot I have another washing to hang up. Later.

Double the fouls against us? Surprised by that.

Ah, discussing the naming of the team early – figured that would be brought up.

20 quid for a blow away?! Scandalous!

You can get a plane journey for less than that blonde bandit was charging for a plastic football.

There’s no way that guy’s daughter won’t be robbed of that MacBook whilst traveling…

Middlesborough have scored 2 and are still losing!

Miller for Hyndman – interesting…


46′ – really not sure on the formation just now

49′ – Waghorn! What the hell!

50′ – Garner is a genuine idiot

52 – just noticed they’ve shortened and narrowed the pitch sometime recently

54′ – what a save! oh, oh – aaaaagh! Finish it!

54′ – HANDBALL! Can’t believe he never gave that

56′ – Beerman ain’t the best at attacking a header

57′ – just as well Sammon is rubbish – but not Salmon, which is lovely. But then Salmond is an utter ****

59′ – Garner more interested in the barge than the ball

60′ – that was well worked from the throw – unlucky!

60′ – Garner, why bother?

61′ – ooooft, lovely slice Bates!

62′ – well taken Fod.

63′ – if the likes of Windass can’t get on yet when we’re playing this insipidly, it’s clear he’s not rated

64′ – from McKay’s silky touch to Miller stumbling over the ball – our performance in a microcosm

65′ – Waghorn should finish that!

65′ – atmosphere feels flat in this one

66′ – still not sure of the system – it’s like a 4-4-2 with no right sided midfielder

69′ – wow, Azeez has actually scored a goal for Thistle. Lad seems to enjoy a sitter normally

70′ – Dodoo coming on – should make plenty of fans happy

71′ – there’s something about O’Halloran’s eyes which suggest he’s somewhat…less cerebral than most

72′ – p*ss break

73′ – looks like I missed nothing… well covered Beerman

74′ – Waghorn should have been booked there…

75′ – last 15 or so – c’mon!

77′ – Halliday really has looked slow tonight

79′ – ah, so Windass is getting on!

80′ – surely Windass will go wide right – we look disjointed at best

82′ – everything about this game screams “resigned to a nil-nil draw”

84′ – well played Windass

85′ – if we are working on set pieces more, it ain’t bearing fruit tonight

86′ – so they call him “Batesy”. Opportunity missed

86′ – nice football, final ball lacking again!

87′ – this is a chance…

89′ – bah!

90′ – 3 minutes injury time. The ultimate cop-out by refs

91′ – oooooft, we were lucky there!

92′ – Miller has been very disappointing since coming on

92′ – Rangers man of the match? Probably Holt, he’s put in a power of work

93′ – full time. Not many would have bet on 0-0 before the game started

12 points behind Aberdeen. St Johnstone beat Hearts to pull a couple of points closer. Need major improvement come Sunday.

No way I’m listening to this after match analysis…