We’re back, baby!

My boy only finished his penultimate year in school yesterday, and we’re talking about the season starting. This is far too early to be considered a good thing in normal circumstances.

But this won’t just be a run-of-the-mill, somewhat disinteresting European qualifier. After everything that’s happened in the past month, Ibrox will be packed, and if we play well, it’ll be rocking.

I know pretty much nothing about our opponents. When I last checked online, they had a larger squad listed than it seems they have now, but I don’t know how accurate the site is. If I’m honest, I don’t even know for certain if their name has a K or a C!

What I would expect, though, is a team who will try to keep the game tight, have one forward minded player who is dangerous, and not really come to play too much. If we score early, and the fans get going, there’s a good chance they’ll crumble.

The friendlies and training pictures have told us the team will be:

Foderingham; Tavernier, Bates, Cardoso, Wallace; Jack, Holt; Miller, Kranjcar, Dalcio; Waghorn

Hopefully, we’ll see the likes of Pena, Herrera and Morelos come off the bench, though I suspect it may only be the Colombian.

There’s a good few fans moaning about the likely team. The main reasons are the inclusion of Holt and Waghorn. With so many signings, there’s an impatience around seeing improvement from last season. That’s understandable, but our team should be more than good enough to deal with this game. The hope will be that we win by a few and turn the second leg on Tuesday into a glorified training session for the players needing more game time.

From what I’ve seen of the friendlies, we’ll be looking to press the game high and early, and force mistakes. Miller is lined up as playing wide right, but as he often does, he floats into space wherever he can find it. Kranjcar has looked sharper and fitter, and will give us a good 60 minutes in this type of game. Of the new signings, Ryan Jack looks comfortable.

My prediction is a comfortable win, but a stuffy first 30 minutes. Hopefully, I’ll be wrong, and we’ll score early and absolutely hammer them. I reckon Kranjcar is good for a goal at some point as well…

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