Celtic fans in meltdown over Rangers Chris Sutton BT Sport snub
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Celtic fans in meltdown over Rangers Chris Sutton BT Sport snub

Rangers fans are well-used to their morally superior rivals to the east of Glasgow howling towards the sky on all issues surrounding Ibrox – with the latest concerning Chris Sutton and BT Sport seeing a full moon gather above Celtic Park.

Whenever the Parkhead support aren’t deluding themselves over their own side they are busy sticking their nose in and giving their two cents regarding Rangers as if anyone’s listening.

A full moon has gathered on Celtic Twitter and Rangers – you’ll be surprised to hear – are the topic of the howls, sorry, the discussion. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

We’re laughing, but not really listening.

The latest issue of the day – concerning Rangers’ insistence Chris Sutton isn’t welcome at Ibrox in a media capacity – has plenty of them climbing the proverbial Twitter hill and howling in packs at the big luminous orb in the sky.

A distinct failure to be both professional and objective when it comes to Rangers has come back to haunt Sutton in the same way it has several pundits over the years.

And not just with regards the Ibrox club.

Celtic have their own history with pundits and journalists – let’s talk Andy Walker and Kris Boyd or even Hugh Keevins – and this stand-off between pundits, journalists, clubs, and broadcasters is nothing new in football, let alone in Scotland.

Just ask Sir Alex Ferguson, who never spoke to the BBC for over seven years whilst Man United manager.

And yet, when it comes to Rangers somehow everyone has to be more morally deranged, sorry, outraged, than normal and once again the Parkhead club’s fans have been screeching into the high decibels.

It’s different when it’s Rangers; we’re wrong, they’re right. Our decisions are unjustified and have something to do with deep-seated issues at the club. That’s about the height of it.

Personally, I’ve no issue with people moaning about it; it’s just the hilarious, rank hypocrisy of the entire thing deserves calling out.

Celtic fans seriously upset about Chris Sutton BT Sport Rangers snub, apparently

The issue concerns BT Sport’s threat of covering Rangers against Sparta Prague from an empty Celtic Park reportedly coming to fruition because the Ibrox club refused to back down with Sutton.

If BT Sport seriously want Rangers to change their mind on the subject, then far from rectify the issue the reported management of this situation has probably made that task impossible.

Let’s get it straight here; BT Sport are reportedly deciding to broadcast from Celtic Park, it is completely their choice and absolutely nothing to do with Rangers.

The suggestion otherwise is patently false and misleading, regardless of Rangers’ dispute with Chris Sutton.

An ex-Celtic striker, the Parkhead club’s supporters have rallied around their man and there have been some exceptionally delicious meltdowns on Twitter as a result. Enjoy:

Some of these are properly tuned to the moon – what does revoking Chris Sutton’s press rights have to with a diversity campaign?

Damned if we do, damned if we don’t; all the bleating does is justify the move in the eyes of Rangers fans and we don’t think Sutton will find himself working at Ibrox any time soon.

Sorry bhoys; all the moonhowling – you’ll be disappointed to hear – has made absolutely no difference at all, but cheers for the laugh anyway.

Meanwhile, new Rangers boss Giovanni van Brconkhorst has sent a promising message to supporters following his first training session with his new side.

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