Plural noun: winners
a person or thing that wins something.

“a Nobel Prize winner”

A goal or shot that wins a match or point.

“he equalized and hit a last-minute winner”

That my friends is what Rangers require this weekend, losers may not apply. For too long, too often we have allowed ourselves to be bullied and pushed around by our “friends” from across the city. It ends now.

Sunday offers us not only a chance to lay down a marker for not only the rest of this season, hopefully with a Scottish Cup win to boot, but for next season in the Scottish Premiership sending out a message we are once again a force to be reckoned with.

Talk is cheap, something this squad of players would do well in reminding themselves off, it’s about high time we showed our mantle on the park rather than under the bright lights of a camera, football is no reality TV show, roll up your sleeves and get to work boys. The time is now.

Sunday might not quite be dawn at high noon, but it may as well be. Win and become legends, only if a Scottish Cup win follows, or lose and be passed off as a group and squad who simply just can’t cope when the big games come calling, time after time. Sunday really is make or break for many of the players and staff.

I don’t want to read in the coming days of talk of how we can do this and do that, so many times we have allowed our mouths to open and our bellys to rumble, roll up sleeves, track your man, chase the lost causes. Then and only then do your talking in the press.

This is the same squad of players that has allowed the likes of Brown and Griffiths to dictate these games, put up or shut up, then our players go off running to the media days later. Just play your game. Impose our game on them.

Last time out we came up just short, but just short vs 10 men at home is about as good a chance you’re going to get, yet we still contrived new ways to lose it. That stinks of weak mentality to me. It only comes from the top, the man in charge.

Go on boys show us what you have, get that battle fever on, play the game not the occasion and impose your game, I’ll happily come back here on Monday and sing your praises.

We need winners. Losses need not apply.

Steven Harrigan

@steven_harrigan   @rangersnewsuk