“Pssst! Pssst! Have you heard the latest at Ibrox? Well, let me tell you this then……..”

As I write this, it has been leaked this morning that veteran striker Kenny Miller has been carrying stories from Auchenowie, slating both the coaching staff and fellow teammates alike. “Is this true?” I hear you gasp! Well, we don’t know yet, do we? “Is if yet more negative false press on a Rangers match day?” Could be yes, but there is rarely any smoke without fire in and around the corridors of Ibrox Stadium. There are ever growing rumbles though, that a former club captain, now plying his trade with one of Scotland’s leading gutter rag tabloids, and is someone who had a huge part to play in the tenure of another foreign manager’s exit, could possibly be the source. Along with a former striking partner of Kenny’s who is verbally against everything that is Pedro Caixinha. A striking partner that was ALSO at the forefront of said manager exit by the way. I am however surmising, and just suggesting what has already been put forward by a few Bears without naming names. I think if you’ve been a Rangers fan post-2005 though, you’ll know of whom I speak. That all being said, I hope it’s 100% wrong obviously.

Rangers are a club built on tradition, and have a reputation for keeping things in-house and dealing with any/all problems internally. One would hope that would always be the case. In the world of modern day football, however, these traditions become less so, as players become ever richer and more petulant with it. This, unfortunately, is a sad fact spread globally across the beautiful game we love. With everyone having instant access to the worldwide web via their phones these days you’d think players would shun the lure of social media, and/or be extra vigilant on their travels as well, but this also rarely is the case.

So, Kenny Miller. If the reports are indeed true, one would think that at 37 years old and in his third spell at the club, he would and should know better. With that aspect, it is very, very disappointing from a veteran who doesn’t need to be told what being a Rangers player entails. Being part of such a fantastic club brings responsibility. He also has to realise he isn’t 21 anymore and any move away from Ibrox would be a downward one. Like the manager or not, you bite the bullet. You have to. I and millions like me do it every day in our 9-5 because anything other would see us in financial peril with mounting debts and creditors chasing payments for cars, mortgages, credit cards etc. Something a modern day footballer has no concept of sadly. It was reported Kenny has been ordered to train with the development squad and will not travel with the first team squad tonight to Hamilton for an important SPL match. That in itself speaks volumes, and would perhaps set alarm bells ringing his career at Rangers is now over.

For me, if true, he should have his contract torn up with immediate effect and sent home instead of back on the training field. We are a club in transition with a manager who is under pressure. Every anti-Rangers tabloid, journalist and supporter loves nothing more than to read of infighting at Ibrox and unrest in the dressing room. We don’t need this kind of attention drawn to us, especially by one of our own.

There’ll be more to come one would imagine after tonight’s match, but in the meantime, it is all very unsettling for a team desperate for 3 points. It’s left a very sour taste in the mouth for this Bear and thousands like me. If there are also ex-players sighted as the reason for such leaked information then they to have to be left in no uncertain terms that they will not be welcome in and around Ibrox, no matter how many goals they’ve scored or trophies they’ve lifted.