In looking at players that from each of the 9 in a row seasons, that may not have got the recognition they deserve. This is the last season in this particular feature, I hope you all have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it.

SEASON 1995/96

Amongst the new faces arriving that summer, tasked with helping the club reach the milestone (again) of 9 in a row, were Jorg Albertz and Sebastian Rozental. It is, however, a latecomer to the party, that makes my list a player with the lowest of all appearances on this series.

ANDY DIBBLE (7 apps, 1 crucial clean sheet at Parkhead)

Andy Dibble. To say he is a player with more clubs than Tiger Woods is no understatement, a true nomad of the footballing world. Dibble had gained noteworthiness in England long before his time at Rangers, with Luton Town winning the 1988 Milk Cup, making a string of fantastic saves, aiding to the small club’s historic victory over Arsenal at Wembley.

When Walter Smith signed the Welshman, to stave off a goalkeeping crisis more than a few eyebrows were raised, he couldn’t kick and wasn’t best at coming for crosses but what he could do is stop shots, and one day in March that’s all that mattered.

Making his debut in the Old Firm game that would all but seal 9 in a row, he came in from the cold delivering a man of the match performance that few could believe. However, his stay was brief with Andy Goram returning from injury but his impact was huge on making sure the title stayed where it had for the 8 seasons prior and for that we thank him.

Please tell me what you have felt about this and the series as always.