They say there are three certainties in Scottish life; death, taxes and a moonhowling Celtic support bemoaning the referee and now VAR any time their club fails to beat Rangers.

Every time the Parkhead side fail to take maximum points from their Ibrox counterparts Scottish football fans are subjected to reams of physical and digital kindling about the man in the middle – and now the man in the VAR room is getting it as well.

Rangers FC v Celtic FC - Cinch Scottish Premiership
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Celtic’s usual media lackeys in John Hartson and Chris Sutton have managed to rub their two brain cells together and stir up a public storm over the Connor Goldson handball that never was.

Forget the fact that the IFAB rules clearly state that Connor Goldson never committed a handball offence, or that it is the most excruciatingly desperate and pathetic shout for a handball ever, but apparently the fact Celtic never got the call is evidence of a wider VAR conspiracy.

Every football club has supporters who dream up storylines about the powers that be but the fact the Celtic support’s delusional indulgence dominates the news space in the wake of any dropped points to Rangers is tragic.

It’s a scary thought that there are seemingly right-minded members of society walking amongst us who genuinely believe that there is a Masonic conspiracy to give Rangers penalties and keep Celtic down.

Post-Rangers Celtic VAR nonsense a predictable bore

The conspiracy stuff is delusional at best and an aggressive attempt to influence refereeing at worst, but no matter the approach both take the game into disrepute.

The inferiority complex has been in full effect ever since the final whistle was blown as the most hard done by team in world football continue to make themselves look genuinely pathetic in the wake of the 2-2 draw.

Nine points clear in the Scottish Premiership, the world’s worst conspiracy apparently continues and what’s worse is that the actual club – full of adults apparently – are joining in.

Whilst we imagine it’s to appease their most manic supporters, the Parkhead side have contacted the SFA to demand an explanation as to why the rules of the game were correctly implemented with regards the Connor Goldson handball [Scottish Sun].

You can’t help but feel sorry for them – this undignified VAR rubbish is so predictable and pathetic it deserves nothing but contempt and it’s been the same old story for years. It won’t stop.

Celtic have dominated the Scottish footballing landscape for the last decade and yet many of their supporters appear incapable of taking any joy from it.

If its not resolutions about UEFA licenses or five-way agreements, it’s Masonic conspiracies and moaning about referees.

Whether they like it or not VAR is in place to help the referees get the big calls right and fundamentally it is a step in the right direction – even if there will be mistakes.

But Celtic are proving that no matter what happens, when it comes to matches against Rangers at least, the whistlers on the pitch and off it are destined for a life of misery.

Well, that’s unless Celtic win of course.

Whilst the post-Celtic VAR debate will rage, Rangers fans believe a clip sums up why the Gers shouldn’t be held to a £4.5m ransom.

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