As we close in on the annual general meeting, the current board at Rangers must be setting their stalls up for a bumpy ride, when the men in charge take to the stage at the Clyde auditorium on Thursday morning they can expect some very difficult questions. When you read this, the AGM will have finished and hopefully we will have a reasonable idea where the club stands. I actually believe it might be safer this year if they pitched the tent on the turf this time round. 

Certain questions need to be laid in front of the board and I sincerely hope they get asked, the manager situation will no doubt be raised and why five weeks later we are currently without a permanent coach in the dugout. Serious concerns about the appointment of Pedro and who exactly decided on his hiring. With a short list being drawn up and Rangers taking applications for the vacant position, applications for the Rangers managers post? This alone frustrates me enormously.  

Playing recruitment has to be probed, for the last two seasons it’s failed us on and off the pitch, couple in the factor of dressing room unrest, why did it take so long to secure a Director of Football? The players have been failing and let’s be honest, we haven’t really improved or got anywhere near challenging Celtic. 

Money is also going to be questioned, where is it coming from? Where will it be coming from in the future? The retail side has been a complete disaster since the deal with sports direct was resolved and a severe lack of merchandise has failed to appear in the megastore. 

Dave King still has his ongoing battle with the Takeover panel and who knows what the outcome of that could lead to. With the club relying on soft loans from King, Douglas Park, George Taylor and lastly George Letham, it doesn’t bode well. 

All in all, the board can expect some very upset fans asking some very uneasy questions, with a growing list of concerns from shareholders, it certainly makes for an interesting morning in Glasgow.  Factor in a run of important fixtures, it’s time for Mr. King and his board members to explain the direction they plan to steer the club.  

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