Tame response to Celtic fans' title party highlights Rangers double-standard
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Tame response to Celtic fans' title party highlights Rangers double-standard

This time last year, you could barely open a newspaper or look at social media without reading condemnation of Rangers’ supporters partying in George Square, yet the response to the scenes in Glasgow last as Celtic fans celebrated winning the Scottish Premiership only highlights the ever-growing double standard that appears to exist.

While some of the behaviour of Rangers fans last year was completely out of order and deservedly came in for criticism, the same politicians, journalists and talking heads who were quick to slam the Bluenoses are now, in the main, conspicuous by their silence.

Videos widely shared on social media showed plenty of problems in the city centre last night.

The likes of Paul Sweeney, a Glasgow MSP, were disgusted last year by “shameful scenes of violence and vandalism that mortified all right-thinking Glaswegians” while demanding compensation from Rangers over the costs, yet 355 days later, there are no demands for compensation, no mortified Glaswegians and no condemnation of the shameful scenes of violence and vandalism seen across the city last night.

Police Scotland’s hastily-released statement said: “Police Scotland is a human rights-based organisation that puts our values of integrity, fairness, respect and a commitment to upholding human rights at the heart of everything we do.

“This afternoon thousands of Celtic supporters gathered in the area of Glasgow Cross to celebrate their team’s achievement. A proportionate policing plan was in place which facilitated the gathering, prioritised public safety and sought to minimise disruption to businesses and communities.

“While there was an unacceptable level of anti-social behaviour and littering there were no serious incidents or disorder.

“There were some outbreaks of minor disorder and our officers acted swiftly and robustly to prevent escalation and protect safety. Over the course of the evening there were six arrests for offences including assault and acts of public disorder. A further four people were issued with fixed penalty notices.”

‘Othering’ of Rangers fans is beyond a joke in Scotland now

First things first, let’s be clear that some of the scenes witnessed when Rangers fans were celebrating last year were completely unacceptable and shamed the club – but, like yesterday, it was a small minority who let themselves and the rest down.

However, the disparity in reporting (note a distinct lack of breaking news stories this year) and the apparent indifference this time around leaves a very bad taste in the mouth of Rangers fans.


For months afterwards, we saw galleries of Rangers fans police wanted to speak to plastered across the media while Glasgow City Council had an itemised bill running into almost six figures ready before some Bluenoses had even made it home.

Maybe everyone is having a long lie having spent the night watching Eurovision blissfully unaware of the chaos outside.

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