What to do with Kenny Miller?

There is now an ever-present frustration surrounding Kenny Miler. He continues to work hard for the team, make decent runs in and around the box and when he doesn’t drop into midfield he links up well with Morelos. However, the last couple of games has seen Kenny lose control, misplace passes and continue to be the cause of attacks breaking down. The goal Herrera scored to clinch the game today, had it fell to Miller, I fear would have ended up hitting the corner flag or going into row Z such is the level of confidence that Miller appears to have. As I said, it is frustrating because he does seem to link up well with Morelos, but we haven’t really seen him with Pena or Herrera yet who both did well when they came on. Time, I fear is running out for Miller as the team develops and progresses.

What to do with Niko Kranjcar?

There is no denying Niko’s class. Wonderful touch, elegant dribbler and can find a pass with either foot to any sort of distance. Unfortunately for Niko now, the shape that Rangers are playing doesn’t seem to suit the way he wants to play. There is a definite clash. His work rate and effort levels have improved but he is dropping into the same space that Dorrans and Jack want to dominate and pass through. There is no point playing 5 yard passes forwards to a team mate if there are no players from the opposition around them. Niko will not get the number 10 role because of his reduced mobility and his penchant for slowing the game down. Neither will he run channels or win his share of headers. I think he is now a player to bring on when we need to slow the game down and almost play him deeper with Jack and Dorrans to play balls forwards to Candeias and Morelos. Windass seems an even better player when he is missing.

Case for the defence

There is no question that Bruno Alves has almost single handedly improved Rangers’ defence. Whether through sheer presence or communication something appears to have clicked. Although it was a slack goal to lose today, the bodies were there to deal with it and that communication should’ve been better. Tavernier only had to tell Cardoso to drop and that isn’t a goal. But these incidents are becoming more and more infrequent. How many saves did Foderingham have to make over the last two games, two maybe three comfortable ones? Which brings me to my next point.

Wes Foderingham

What a difference this week. There has been an obvious and deliberate attempt to come out for more crosses from big Wes. Coming out past the penalty spot on a couple of occasions is a great thing to see for the fans and hear for the defenders. It got to the stage where Ross County players weren’t even contesting high balls because of Fod’s presence. If he continues in this vein he may yet be the complete keeper we all hope he could become.

Other than speaking about Alfredo Morelos again there isn’t much to say before the international break other than the team appear to be on the right tracks now. Creating chances, tighter at the back. Balanced and comfortable formation with leadership throughout the team. We even have options and a plan B on the bench even if the media will have us believe otherwise. There is just the nagging doubts over Miller and Kranjcar, but I’ve no doubt that the next signings will be in the position they occupy the most with a view to progressing further over the coming weeks.