Rangers Worst XI: What’s Your Team?

Rangers Worst XI: What's Your Team?

So the votes were in for the Worst XI in our proposed 4-4-2. Let’s have a look at the names that were suggested, and give everyone a chance to tell us their team!

As said in the articles, I’ve only included players who played a decent number of games. I also didn’t consider players who were routinely played out of position. I was held back by a relatively short-term view in terms of my Rangers-watching experience. As such, some of the older players who could be included were missed.

The names proposed were:


Lionel Letizi
Jesper Christiansen
Steve Simonsen
Ally Maxwell
Theo Snelders


Dariusz Adamczuk
Kevin Muscat
Anestis Argyriou
Richard Foster
Maurice Ross


Gary Bollan
Stale Stensaas
Paolo Vanoli
Olivier Bernard
Michael Ball


Gordan Petric
Karl Svensson
Rob Kiernan
Emilson Cribari
Ross Perry
Seb Faure
Bilel Mohsni
Jose Karl Pierre-Fanfan


Juan Manuel Ortiz
Andrei Kanchelskis
David Hagen
Nuno Capucho
Libor Sionko


Jerome Rothen
Hamed Namouchi
Bojan Djordjic


Joey Barton
Kyle Hutton
Dragan Mladenovic
Ian Black
Cammy Fraser
Amdy Faye


Egil Ostenstad
Filip Sebo
Francis Jeffers
Kevin Kyle
Francisco Sandaza
Andrius Velicka
David Healy
Stephane Guivarc’h

If I had to choose, my team would look like:


Argyriou Mohsni Perry Bernard

Ortiz Barton Black Rothen

Ostenstad Sandaza

Although I’ll admit some of that is more personal than logical! For example, there’s no way Barton is the worst of the midfielders that we’ve had in terms of talent, but his attitude and contribution were very poor. For that, he holds a special place in my black, cold, hating heart. Mohsni was better for us than Cribari or Faure, but he’s easily the Rangers player I liked the least. Players like Bernard, Rothen and Ostenstad did well at a good level but did nothing at Rangers. The decision between Sandaza and Kyle required consideration. The former took the spot because of the way he left. As poor as Kyle was, you could never fault his attitude. Sandaza didn’t look like he particularly cared, then was stupidly caught out trying to engineer a move.

And just to start off the debate – there’s no way Richard Foster was the worst right back we’ve had…

Other names were suggested as we went along – James Beattie springs to mind. I’m sure you’ll be able to point to more that I’ve missed!

What would be your team? Tweet us @rangersnewsuk with your opinion and we’ll be happy to discuss!










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