Let’s be honest here. The title of this article alone is enough.

Normally, we’d be able to pick out one positive from a match. You would be able to identify a player who was good, who was held back by teammates. This article would normally outline my opinion on the three top performers.

I don’t believe the team didn’t put in the effort on Saturday. I just believe they had an awful day, and no amount of effort was dragging them through it. As such, no player could be given any sort of consideration for man of the match.

Wes was poor by his recent standards. Our centre halves looked very uncomfortable throughout. The ball wasn’t being moved quickly enough by any player. Tavernier and John didn’t get into the game in any major way. Our midfield was more function than flair, and it showed despite decent amounts of possession. When a game is played so slowly, wide players suffer, and both of ours were unable to get past the frustration. Even our goalscorer didn’t play well.

When this is happening, fans will quickly suggest that the players aren’t trying. As above, I don’t think that was the issue. It was a lack of quality on the day, something that this squad will be prone to.

The only positive that could be taken is one from a longer-term standpoint. If you had been asked after the Dundee defeat if you felt we could take 12 from 15 points in the upcoming matches, you’d have almost certainly said no. The last couple of wins have been ground out, and masked poor performances. It’s possible that a defeat will see the team more motivated to improve. Regardless, there’s a few games to go before the winter break, and they need to find the energy for all three.

We’ve had other matches where the team haven’t played well. Unlike those games though, this was every player. No one gave anything positive overall. If you’ve read this far, well played. As I said above, the title alone summed everything up. Hopefully, we won’t see anything like that in the next few matches.

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