Let’s have a look at the ratings from Rangers win over Ross County on Saturday.


Despite County creating a few chances, Foderingham didn’t have a huge amount to do. Some poor finishing meant that his saves were routine. He also had no chance at the goal with the quality of cross that was played in. He dealt with set pieces well, until that last minute chance where he collided with Wilson. His distribution was good, although some goal kicks took quite long to be hit due to County pressing high.


Whipped in a great ball which led to the second goal, but overall he’ll be disappointed with his performance. A lot of passes went astray in the first half, and he would often get crowded out on the ball. One shot in the first half was well saved, but like all of our attacking players he struggled to get going. In the second half, he improved as the game opened up. His link up and running meant that our main threat came from his side of the park, and he helped Candeias come into the game as well.


Alves will be annoyed with the first goal, but in truth the quality of cross meant any touch from him would probably have resulted in an own goal. Both centre halves saw a lot of the ball as County played deep, and were forced into easy square passes as options were limited. Alves can sometimes look a little demotivated through his body language, but I don’t believe he felt that way. He wasn’t really stretched in this game though, and it was a rather mediocre performance.


The scorer of the winning goal would normally get a higher rating, but Wilson had a few moments where he struggled. There were suggestions before the match that he might not be fit to play given his head knock last week. His poor attempt at a challenge led to the cross for the first goal. He had a similar moment in the second half which led to a good County chance. Like Alves, he saw a lot of the ball, and it was difficult to find good options.


His running and direct play led to a couple of great chances in the game. The first was through link-up with Holt which Miller was unlucky not to convert. The second was a great cross which Morelos really should have tapped in. He was caught out of position for the County goal, but this was due to his attacking intent. John offered an option on the left constantly, and his desire summed up the way Rangers were determined to win.


McCrorie was very good throughout the match, and was forced off through injury on the 73rd minute. He won loads of tackles and didn’t give the County players a second on the ball. His ability to win the ball back when most players would have to foul the opponent is a particularly strong skill. One through ball in the second half almost led to a great chance for Windass. Came off the park to a standing ovation, and fans are desperately hoping his injury won’t keep him out for Wednesday.


In the first half, Holt struggled going forward. Aside from a cutback from Miller, most of his passes were going astray. He was working hard defensively, but a couple of moments let County create chances. In the second half, though, he was one of the best players on the pitch. Holt has really taken his chance back in the team recently, and like Declan John, his attitude was a big part of our win. He ably assisted McCrorie, and later Barjonas, in midfield, and won challenges and drove the team on.


If the game ended at half time, Candeias would have had a rating around 4. His desire was clear, and he attempted loads of crosses, but nothing was coming off for him. His starting position being more central didn’t suit him at all. In the second half, though, he was really good. His touch was excellent, he created a lot of chances, and he set up the equaliser for Morelos. It was his smart turn that won the free kick for the winning goal as well. He’s now the leader in the league for assists, and as always was a valuable option on the day.


Pena struggled in his 45 minutes, as every attacking player did in the first half. He would find space, but not receive the ball often, and was forced to drop deep to get involved. He won a couple of challenges, but was intent on staying forward so wouldn’t track back often. Despite his role being an attacking one, this is something that fans get frustrated by. There were some nice first time passes and some good runs, but the level of performance in the first half by the entire team was poor.


Windass worked hard throughout the game, constantly trying to run at the County defence. His final ball wasn’t there on the day, but he deserves praise for his attitude and work rate. He was unlucky with one chance in the second half when the defender got a great tackle in. However, he did take a shot when it looked easier to play in Morelos on one occasion which frustrated the support. Given he was asked to play a couple of positions on the day, and his header led to the winning goal, it was a decent performance.


Miller had a couple of good chances in the first half, but a lot of loose play as well. He was finding it difficult to get into space, and would often be too close to his teammates. In the second half, though, he improved, playing a vital part in the equaliser and keeping the team working hard. Given this game was won through attitude more than anything else, his role as captain was clearly important.


Morelos made a real difference in the second half. He linked up well, got the goal, and was a constant threat. There was a fear after his sitter that he’d have another frustrating day, but thankfully he broke the drought. Almost certainly played his way back into the team.


Came on for McCrorie on 73 minutes and filled in well. The game was stretched by then, but he kept things simple and didn’t look out of place.

Herrera was yet again brought on with about a minute to go, so no chance to make an impact.

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