In what was a disappointing team performance, there was only one clear candidate for Man of the Match. As such, this will be a short article!

Alfredo Morelos spent the 90 minutes being kicked and hauled down, but just kept going. In the first minute, he won a header which should have led to a goal for Windass, but the finish was very poor. When you look at the clip the club released of Windass scoring in training, then see what he does in a game, it’s understandable that many question his mentality.

There was a flashpoint in the first half where Morelos was clearly dragged down by Hartley after winning the ball, but no free kick was given. The Motherwell manager must have had a go at the forward, as he went over to confront him. In a game where he was given every reason to lash out, this was the only time he let it get to him.

As always, his link up play was strong, but his teammates weren’t as sharp yesterday as they should have been. In terms of chances, Morelos will be disappointed he never scored at least one, as he had 4 good chances in the game.

The first of those in the first half was created pretty much by himself, with some determination on the edge of the box winning the ball. His left foot shot was dragged wide, though. Not long after that, he had a shot from just outside the box which the keeper saved. In the second half, a shot from a Pena pass was blocked by a defender, and a late header easily saved.

Overall, Morelos will be frustrated with how he played. There were too many long balls aimed at him, which suited the Motherwell defence, but his work rate created chances where other strikers would have given up. It’s yet another game without a goal, but he’s not going to be harshly judged for that in a game of this type when he clearly worked so hard. He’ll have learned a lot from the type of treatment he took, and it was encouraging that he never really reacted in the way he’s often accused of. In a game of negatives, he at least showed why we’re so excited by him.

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