A look at the match ratings from Wednesday night’s draw with Kilmarnock:


Had a pretty solid night, and no chance with the goal. He made 2 great saves in the second half when the team started to feel some pressure, the one from McKenzie being particularly good. Very frustrated coming off the pitch at the end.


Tavernier has had a good start to the season, but last night was poor. In the first half, there were a number of loose touches or passes which broke down attacks. In the second, he seemed to dip in energy levels a lot, and his decision making was erratic. A crazy backpass that went out for a corner from nearly the halfway line was one such example. Lacked confidence and looked tired on the night.


McCrorie defended well and showed that his pace on the turn is a real asset. Numerous times he was challenged 1v1 and didn’t struggle at all. He won most of his headers as well. Kilmarnock sat off somewhat in the first half, so possession was often comfortable. McCrorie kept it simple on the ball and didn’t try anything too ambitious. For a young defender in a team lacking confidence, it was a good performance.


I debated giving Alves a 7, but I went with the lower number due to the amount of long balls he played that didn’t work. He should have scored with a header from a John corner in the second half as well. Defensively, he did fine, and was dominant in the air as always.


John was a little inconsistent on the night. In the first 20 minutes, he looked like our main threat going forward, but crosses and shots were wayward. He dipped out of the half somewhat. In the second, an excellent run and cross should have gave him an assist, but again, he seemed to struggle to maintain his level.


The missed penalty is how this game will be remembered for Candeias. He left the park with his head down and an apologetic hand up to the fans. Before that, he’d worked hard as always, and provided some threat with his crosses. Overall, a frustrating night for him though, as nothing quite came off.


Up until he got himself involved in the stupidity at the end, Jack was playing ok. The loss of Dorrans early hurt our midfield shape, but he adjusted and kept things flowing on the ball. Towards the last 20 when under pressure, he seemed to tire. His red card was very daft, though, and it’s happened too often already.


That rating is only reflective of how long he was on the park. His injury was a frustrating one, as he started the game well. The team lacked confidence, but he was always showing for the ball and involved in creating chances. Would have been vital towards the end if he’d been on the pitch.


Holt played very well for the majority of the match. Whilst he could be accused of playing the easy ball every time, there was no denying that his energy and desire were one of the highlights of the night. He scored a great goal and constantly hassled the Kilmarnock midfield. Even without the injury issues in midfield for the weekend, he justified keeping his place going into the next game.


Windass looked to start brightly, and was unlucky with a couple of crosses in the first 20 minutes. His running got us up the pitch a few times, but he faded quickly before his substitution. He also missed a great chance in the first half that was reminiscent of his sitters in the semi-final. He’s now a player every fan would like to see dropped, so he has some way to go to turn that around.


Morelos worked really hard, often creating attacks through his pressing of defenders. He worked the channels, linked up well and won a number of fouls. He also finished with an assist with his smart lay-off for Holt. However, he snatched at his own chances a little, a sure sign of a striker not at his most relaxed. Really needs a goal to pick up his confidence.


Herrera came on early for Dorrans, and showed some signs of why Caixinha signed him. His link up play was very good, but sadly he never got a chance to get a decent shot away. Kept working hard, and that won the penalty late in the game. A decent showing.


Given around half an hour. It’s difficult for young, inexperienced players to shine at the best of times, so it’s no surprise he struggled to make a real impact. A couple of nice runs aside, he didn’t really get involved.


Brought on with around 15 minutes left as we recognised the midfield needed an extra body. He was composed on the ball and looked eager to be involved. He may be required to start at the weekend.

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