The impressive nature of the Rangers performance last night meant there were numerous candidates for Man of the Match. I’ve picked out three players, for reasons I’ll explain, but a few others could easily have been included. Holt’s energy and attacking threat, Pena’s performance after not playing much of late, and the composure of both centre halves were certainly worthy of inclusion.

However, the first of the three players I’ve went for is Ryan Jack. Given the situation, playing against his old club and the focus that brought on him, he was outstanding. He won the vast majority of the tackles he went into, never once looked like he was struggling against a strong Aberdeen midfield, and was very accurate with his forward passing even when under pressure. He went into the game with a point to prove, and more than did so. Each of the goals were celebrated by him like he’d scored himself. At the full time whistle, he stood with his arms aloft in the centre of the pitch, absolutely enjoying the moment. When he’d made the decision to leave Aberdeen, he came in for a lot of stick from both fans and his manager. Each were given a good two-fingered salute by his performance in this match.

Next up was one of the main reasons Jack could play so well, and that was Ross McCrorie. At only 19, with not that many first team games to his name, he was asked to play in the role just in front of the back four. In the very early stages, he had a couple of loose touches and passes, but quickly got over them to go on and have a superb match. His tracking back and strength meant that Christie got no joy throughout the game. It even resulted in the Aberdeen player blatantly kicking McCrorie for his second yellow card. It’s a battle well won when you not only snuff out a threat in that game, but make sure he isn’t playing in the next one.

As the game wore on and the confidence of the team continued to grow, McCrorie was dominating the middle of the park. He can pass the ball well with either foot, and is more than mobile enough to play the position. He picked up a yellow card in the first half but still won a high number of challenges, showing a maturity beyond his years and managing the situation excellently. Rangers fans were already enthused by the prospect of McCrorie from his central defence performances. Last night suggests that this lad will be a top player very soon.

Man of the match goes to James Tavernier. In truth, it’s his two goals that edge it over some others. His second goal summed up our entire night – more desire to win the loose ball, drove forward with intent, finished with confidence. All three of the Rangers goals came from play on the right hand side, so it’s clear to see what sort of influence he had. Defensively, he played well, although the best chances Aberdeen had came down his side. It was Tavernier’s goalline clearance that kept us two goals clear in the first half, a definite turning point in the match. When Aberdeen made the early change to try and occupy him more and blunt his attacking threat, it didn’t work, as he was playing with too much confidence by that point.

Tavernier has had a really good start to the season. Last night may have been an even better performance yet again.

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