After two weeks of international football, its good to get back to the important stuff. Back to watching Rangers.

They didn’t disappoint.

Probably our best result of the season so far, rangers came back into league action with a 3 – 0 thrashing of St Johnstone. The game had a bizarre build up, with St Johnstone players coming out in the press against Pedro, after he compared their playing style to Morton. It was not done in an attack on St Johnstone, and the Scottish media once again showed how to turn a non-story into a story.

For St Johnstone to reply, was quite ridiculous.  I really think the Scottish media is clutching at straws at times with the continued negative press on Pedro Caixihna.

Well, after two weeks of being questioned about how together his team is, they provided the best possible answer. Pena got two very well taken goals, and Dorrans, who gave his best performance so far, grabbed a late one as well. Towards the end, the Rangers players were brimming with confidence. After all St Johnstone’s talk about how fired up they were after Pedro’s ‘mind games’ maybe they should have calmed down a bit. They were too fired up, and it played to Rangers advantage.

They had a man sent off, which allowed Rangers to stroll through the game afterwards. In a way, the press probably helped Rangers this week (not that their help is needed) by letting St Johnstone players run their mouths, while we just got on with our training, and did what we needed to do. This win was needed to show the unity in the team. Even afterwards, the interview with Cardoso in which he highlighted young McCrorie, shows how together the team are.

There are still improvements to be made. St Johnstone looked like threatening at the start, so better starts are needed. Windass once again had an ineffective game. There is definitely a player in there, so I understand why Pedro keeps him playing, but his consistency needs to improve dramatically. Otherwise, Nemane should be given a chance. There was no Kenny Miller again, despite Pedro coming out and saying that was all patched up. However, this is one week where positivity should surround Rangers. It was the perfect answer to the press, and a perfect platform for Rangers to build on a winning run. Roll on the semi-final, and lets keep this form up.