There are a fair few things going on in the world. Today is the release date of the Xbox One X. Essentially all that means is that my son has cost me a load of money again. We’ve had leaked reports show us yet again how the richest of all avoid tax.

(I wonder if the Queen will release a statement starting with “Does one profess to be a supporter of the Famous?”)

From Hollywood to Holyrood, we’re seeing yet more evidence that men with power are prone to abusing it, and others. President Trump is a mere missile-throw away from the only World Leader crazier than him. The UK has an approach to exiting the EU that’s akin to Arsenal’s faith in Wenger – they’re kinda hoping it’ll go ok as no one in charge knows how to fix it.

And Rangers fans everywhere were losing their minds at the thought of Steve McClaren as our next manager.

Thankfully, it’s not going to happen. But on the face of it, that’s every bit as crazy as many of the other things I mentioned. Just take a moment to think about what we’re saying there. An assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson during successful years. A man who took Middlesborough to a UEFA Cup final, and Twente to a Dutch title. He’s even been England manager. There are not many British managers out there right now who can claim to have a better track record, and yet not one Rangers fan could even talk themselves into thinking that it might work.

That leads to the obvious question – just what is it we’re looking for?

In truth, there’s no answer to that. Derek McInnes remains favourite in the eyes of the media, and the bookies. For many fans, and supposedly some board members, he’s the man to turn to. For many others though, he’s seen as an unambitious choice, a sign that we’re just surrendering to Celtic for the foreseeable future as McInnes will never get the better of Rodgers. It’s a debate with absolutely no certain answers at the moment.

Not so long ago, I put up a piece advocating the notion of Michel Preud’homme as our next manager. My justification was that I believe he would progress us more than the likes of McInnes. I tend to look at things from a more rational standpoint than emotional, and rationality suggests that we’ll struggle to beat Celtic to the league title anytime soon. Luckily for me, football doesn’t just follow rational lines, so there’s a good chance I’ll be wrong.

But ultimately, the only thing every fan wants is to win the league real soon. Some would throw the baby out of the bath water to do it, others would prefer a steadier approach, but the end goal is the same. Whether or not our support is split on the choice of next manager is irrelevant really. Whoever comes in will be instantly backed by all if he even comes close to achieving that which seems impossible right now.

The names being mentioned are quickly becoming ruled out. Moyes is going to West Ham, and Sam Allardyce is heavily linked with Everton. The link to McClaren seems to have been rubbished, and any mention of Pardew hasn’t had solid foundation so far. It’s almost two weeks since Pedro’s departure, and it looks like we’re going to move for the very person everyone expected us to in the first place.

Some will see that as a lack of organisation, or forward planning. Personally, I think that’s harsh. Mark Allen is rightly heavily involved in this process, and he’s barely in the door. He should be given the time to see if he believes McInnes is the best option. It’s imperative that our manager and Director of Football have a strong working relationship, and that won’t be given a great chance if the incoming manager is one which Allen doesn’t feel should be hired.

I guess the lack of real direction in this article sums up best just how much debate there is about the next manager. Everyone agreeing that it shouldn’t be McClaren was something of a first, because getting Rangers fans to agree on anything is extremely difficult. Of the alleged main five, only 2 real options remain in McInnes and Pardew. You have to imagine Mark Allen and the board have other names in mind given the time we’re taking to make a move. The only thing to take away from all of this is that we’re not as split in opinions as you might believe. We’ll back whoever is hired vocally, we’ll show up in huge numbers home and away, and we’ll all hope to see our team top of the league again where they belong.

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