Yet another Friday, yet another Friday PR-disaster from our club.

After hearing the takeover panel has ruled against our chairman Dave King the board saw it fit and proper to release a statement confirming Graeme Murty will be in charge for the remainder of the season. What a cop-out.

First off all I would like to state Mr Murty will get my support and backing home and away week in week out, however, my gut feeling is this is likely to end about as well as being a turkey around this time of year.

Again we have waited and waited to appoint Murty in this position, when we could have and should have done it the very second Derek McInnes said no, we have allowed weeks more of speculation to gather about who the board would be appointing in January, we now know that won’t be the case.

Several things strike me in this. Did we wait until the day of the ruling on King to reveal this news, along with the capture of Declan John? Secondly, did we ever look at other potential candidates for the manager’s job? And for the second season in a row we are writing off a campaign.

The Rangers support has been unwavering but just how much can it endure, there is a load of season tickets to shift around March/April time, so what do you suppose the accompanying letter will say this year? Not every person is like myself and will just automatically renew for a wide array of reasons, but this willingness to scrap a second consecutive season may prove too much for some.

Why should we blindly hand over our cash to a board that is neither transparent or accountable to us?

I don’t hold out much hope of ever receiving a credible answer as to why these descions have been taken now, or to any of the many other concerns the supporters have. I also have some degree of sympacy for Murty ? hung out to dry from his very employer’s that should be protecting him.

This was another sorry chapter in this boards existence, and the sands of time may just be ticking on them.

Steven Harrigan