It might be a new year, but the narrative remains the same from the same old washed up tabloids. Desperately seeking publicity and the need to be loved, like an old man on a dating site.

Only in Scotland when a team secures a draw away from home against your biggest rivals, against the odds (3/1 in the bookmakers), without several first-team players, without a manager for three months, not to mention inductiveness at every level of your club can it be seen as fair game to attack once again the support of Rangers fans.

Since the game we have had the duo employed by a fading newspaper Bill Leckie and Chris Sutton, telling us how we the Rangers support should conduct ourselves, also questioning our continued support of one of the very players who wear the famous light blue.

Every passing comment Chris Sutton makes only further enhances the opinion and provides yet more evidence of just what a bitter and vitriolic man he really is. His latest claims that Rangers fans’ celebrations at the end of the Old Firm game were over the top, showing just exactly where we are at is not only a downright lie designed merely to draw click bait, but it is also from a man who clearly does not understand the Scottish game he is paid so handsomely to comment on.

I feel I am in a good position to comment on the claims made of overzealous celebrations, as I was myself in attendance amongst the travelling support. Yes we sang and gave the team and individual players support (more on that later), but in no way did I feel at either the time or felt upon reflection it was over the top.

Ask anybody who witnessed the game on Saturday out with our favourite Chelsea flop, and it is easy to see why the away support was in such fine voice. Going into the match, not many if any “professional ” pundits gave us a chance. Rangers’ starting 11 costing just around the 2 million mark, Celtic boasting of a single player who cost more than double that figure. It was a display that the Rangers support was proud of, the nature of it we had questioned that this group of players could produce.

Throw in the recent events that have surrounded our club, coupled with the fact the support has been unwavering throughout all of the trials and tribulations, singing in much the same manner as we did on Saturday, including many results and performances that have been below par, Dundee and Kilmarnock in recent memory spring to mind.

This is not the first time nor is it the last I fear. Most notably last season after a last-minute winner at Firhill, securing European football for the first time in five years, we were subjected to the same level of fake outrage and putdowns. I mean how dare we celebrate that football is, after all, a game of passion is it not? Most interestingly of all this is accusation only pointed towards the Rangers support. I didn’t hear any criticism, nor should there have been of the Kilmarnock support after securing a last minute draw at Ibrox, again different standards held against Rangers and it’s fans.

We also had to endure Bill Leckie’s click bait article questioning why the fans on Saturday cheered Alfredo Morelos when being substituted. Let me tell you this, I don’t think there was a single fan in the away section that felt Morelos was not and continues to be our best player. Despite the fact he outplayed Celtic’s 40 billion striker, he’s top goal scorer, cost just over half a million, has a superb work rate, hold up play to rival any player in our league, why would you cheer such a player indeed? All this coming from a man who celebrates the achievements of Mark Yardley, double standards I’m sure you’ll agree.

Gone are the days it seems when football writers and pundits talked tactics and positional play, you know the stuff that actually took place on the pitch. No, what is far more important it seems these days to gain publicity for the failing industry of the newspapers is to attack the supporters, for simply supporting their club and players.

I find it funny that it is only Rangers and our support that are constantly subjected to this type and level of lazy reporting, but I suppose it’s understandable after all, jealousy makes people lash out.

After everything the club has endured and continues to endure, the Rangers fan base is stronger than ever and the fact these two individuals choose to still attack us in this manner only shows just how much they fear us.

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