Well there we have it been and gone the Pedro Caixinha era is over in 7 short months.

A man who was adored by twitter followers, fans at the games felt unsure about and was loathed by many of his players including some whom he only signed in the summer.

His tenure will at most likelihood be remembered for his abrasive style and strange turns of phrases, rather than anything that was seen on the park through Rangers supporters eyes, this one included.

Where do I start first of all the appointment was something I (or any other Rangers fan) seen coming it was left field to say the least, but that shouldn’t be scoffed at in the world of Scottish football to often have we cried out for forward thinking and somebody to have vision outside the tried and tested and old pals act that exists on a regular occurrence.

My first thoughts as this unknown man walked into the blue room to be paraded, is that of a highly educated and well groomed man who spoke well and talked about moving the club forward as well as understanding the history and pressure that goes with being in Glasgow.

His first moves included bringing in his own coaching staff and hand picking his assistant and over the course of the next few months letting the players know he deemed surplus to requirements, in order for us to rebuild and challenge.

Pedro got a pass from the majority of fans for the first few months camouflaged in with wins at Aberdeen and a last gasp goal at Partick to secure a European spot,despite two incredibly insipid performances against our biggest rivals one at Hampden and the other our biggest home defeat inflicted by Celtic post war as this somehow was not his side yet, he had yet to build his team in his shape his vision and carve out his legacy.

Summer 2017 came and true to his word players left and several arrived most were unknown and at least a couple had question marks over temperament and ability, along with hefty price tags for us in our current financial climate.

Throughout all this the fans remained patient even after our worst ever result to the hands of minnows from Luxembourg who themselves had just signed 8 new players(and were part time), it was too early too soon to expect a team to gel. Pedro defended himself from the bushes that very night pleading he with the fans he would get it right.

If all truth be told the writing was on the wall then, murmurs of player discontent was rife with many believing the man who played so well to the galleries was not the man they shared the training pitch with.

The results in pedros whole time in charge were at best sporadic never once did we manage to win 3 games in a row even when the fixture computer had been kind I couldn’t have hand picked a softer start to the season.

It truth watching it all from the stands from the start to finish the eye test told all, a team that had not improved with all the financial backing that came with it we were still way off the pace. Yes there was positives like Morales and Dorrans but for every one of them there was a Dalcio or Pena and that is not good enough.

History will show Pedro as a another foreign manager to have failed in Scotland, but that my friends is only half the story he in the end was the architect of his own downfall. Not replacing the ability of the players that left with a upgrade on who came in will always be his undoing.

Rangers will now seek a new man and if all indications are to be believed this will be a British manager, tasked in a large part of getting more from a group of players Pedro ever could. The board will ultimately carry the can for this and will now play it safe, and go back to somebody who knows the club and its demands. I only hope he fairs better than the last man to take the role.

Murtymania is sweeping Glasgow, a for those living under a rock it’s not some new dance craze or WWE wrestler it’s Graham Murty the Rangers caretaker manager for the second time in a year.

As a rangers supporter we have found ourselves in the situation (again) over recent times of having a vacant managerial position, and like the last time the steadying of the ship has landed at the door of our development coach, ex reading Roberto Carlos Graham Murty.

What has he done I hear you say that has turned the tide and had Rangers on the verge of winning 3 games since before Pedros time in charge.

Well it’s not what he has done more of what he hasn’t it has been kept simple and mixed with youth and experience results have been impressive 3 goals per game !

I know people will say the opposition has been substandard but , so we’re we in many games before with only st Johnstone away in Pedro’s reign looking as impressive.

Murty has took the underperforming Pena out the firing line and replaced him with workhorse and forgotten man Jason Holt, this has proved a masterstroke not only allowing the rest of the midfield to push up by also giving us a link man to attack that was all to evidently lacking under Caixinha.

Furthermore was the decision to recall the exiled Kenny Miller and stick with the ever improving youth team protege Ross McCrorie.

The changes have been tactical also, during the second half of our match with hearts and the score balanced at 1-1 Murty bravely switched to a 4-3-3 allowing more width from the full backs, subsequently we ran out 3-1 winners in a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in Murrayfield.

Last Saturday was more of the routine victory with no great tactical moves to fight off the insipid Patrick, but wins were no longer routine down Ibrox way and if the search for a new manager drags on we may just see some more Murtymania down Govan way