This is not me making a knee-jerk reaction.

Saturday seen another disappointing display at home, in the 2-1 loss to Hibernian. I fully believe I have now seen a large enough sample size to make a fair and balanced option, I do not want Graeme Murty as Rangers manager beyond this season. It would simply be the board settling for the easy and most convenient candidate.

Rangers football club, never has and should never ever just settle.

When building the stadium Mr Struth didn’t just settle. The very foundations, ethos and high standards set then should still be applied today, for that is what separates our great institution from the rest. We are simply the best.

I, I’m sure like a large group of supporters find Mr Murty a highly likable man who is quick to play down any dramas, taking the best out of some potentially volatile situations. He has in the last few months grown in confidence in the role also but for me too many glaring errors remain unanswered.

Murty, clearly has a bit of the Mark Warburton about him when dealing with substitutions, his failure on a constant basis to influence the game with changes on either tactical adjustments or with playing personal is all too glaring week after week, game after game.

On Saturday the choice to simply go with the same side that had defeated Ross County the previous week, is like what you used do when playing Championship Manger back in the day. The whole rational of well we won last week, therefor we should this week. Horses for courses, different teams have different strengths, along with weaknesses to exploit.

Hibernians glaring strength is quite clearly in the center of the park, you don’t require scouting of a high nature to work that out. We have of course already played them twice so far this season, so Murty should be more than aware of this. Throw in Scott Allen, who whilst on loan at Dundee came off the bench to pick holes and space in a very similar line up to devastating impact in a 2-1 defeat not too long ago, then Murty must have known trying the same formation and players would have a good chance of failing.

Ask any Rangers fan watching on Saturday, and they will tell you that after 20 minutes change was needed, Murty lacked the courage to do so. Perhaps scared of causing a rift with players he hopes to keep onside in order to gain the job ?.

Half time also came and went with no change either, although I do accept that our standard of play did improve drastically after the interview. One thing that did not was the fact we were still being outnumbered in central midfield, Murty had ample time, chances and opportunity to influence the game in a positive manner, at the very least it would have shown to the supporters that he was willing to shake things up, he chose to do nothing until 70 minutes.

I agree that Murty could point quite rightly to James Tavienier and his rush of blood, costing us 1 point and more likely 3 points at the very least but the facts are this was more dropped points at home. We have dropped too many points at home to call it unlucky now, a clear pattern has emerged.

Hibs game plan was simple, press high win the midfield battle and attack down our left-hand side. We did nothing to stop it, Hibs played at a higher tempo at times, there midfield triangle taking one or two touches whilst our players wanted three or four.

The one major issue Murty can’t seem to solve is games at Ibrox, yet another game at home has seen us drop points, my belief is that he has been in charge long enough now to find a solution, our home form is simply unacceptable for a club of our stature.

My personal belief is that Murty just does not have the experience required to manage at Rangers. Many people point to Walter Smith’s lack of managerial experience when he first took over as a comparison, this does not wash with me. Smith had been a assistant to Jim McLean, Graeme Souness and Alex Ferguson for many years previously, this was also not Smith’s first managerial role having held both the Scotland under 18s and 21s sides. Murty by comparison has only been in coaching for a short period of time.

No matter who is in charge at Ranges they will always have my support when they take to the field, I wish them all the success and want nothing more than us to be challenging and winning trophies again, I’m just not convinced Murty is that man.

Mark Allen had a fantastic transfer window, allowed getting on with the job he was hired to do. I wonder if he is as good as picking managers as he is players, I would be willing to throw the dice on this one, let him pick the next gaffer, meaning the manager and director of football would for ever be entwined in success or failure together as one.

Hiring Murty beyond this season is settling in my eyes, something this club should never do.

Let me know if you agree or think I’ve got it wrong and why. Happy to debate and listen as always.