It think it’s safe to say this week will define Dave King’s legacy as Rangers chairman.

At this moment Rangers are a club trending in all the wrong directions. Friday’s result at Dens Park, the second defeat in a row has left the Ibrox side 9 points (and one game) off the top of the Scottish Premiership at the end of November. Unacceptable at this stage of the season.

More concerning to the supporters, who have helped to sell out a quite remarkable 111 away games in a row, is the lack of leadership that has taken place in the boardroom.

The goodwill from the majority of the support is fading fast, and the feeling after the final whistle on Friday evening was one of anger, and to be honest the board only have themselves to blame.

The lack of real leadership from the very top , to the very bottom of the club is now showing it’s face on the park, and it’s an ugly one. Pedro Caixinha was sacked on the 26th of October, and still the search goes on for a new manager, with no end in sight.

Dave King’s reign will be defined, most probably in the coming days, with the club’s AGM sandwiched in between a double header against Aberdeen.

At present it pains me to say this but we look rudderless, in every department of our club, from the chairman who seemed to have had no plan in place for a new manager, despite the majority of fans believing months ago , that Pedro would not still be in charge at best, when Santa came down the chimney. At no other line of business would this be allowed and tolerated, and can’t go unanswered on Thursday, even if the chairman does his best magic trick yet and present a new manager in order to divert attention.

On the park I am of the belief that we are getting what we sow. Placing a development coach in charge for a prolonged period of time, was never going to work. I don’t believe Murty has the respect of the squad, he may be liked but do not confuse that with respect. He is on a hiding to nothing, what was he meant to do at half, or full time in recent game? Single out and slate the players, only to risk further disharmony, just to return to his role with the development squad in a few weeks. The players know he is not the future manager so are playing like it, a squad who is playing more like a group of individuals, than a team unit every one looking after there own interests. When your bosses or superiors show no leadership how can you expect that players to?

The time has surely come for the present board to source, invite and entice, captains of industry in there respective fields to aid us in the boardroom. We may have Rangers men on this board, but that alone will not see us gain the connections we so badly require in fields such as retail and sponsorship, that will prove such a crucial role in our continued revitalisation.

We also have a issue I have not seen addressed yet, the fact that we have for this prolonged period of time been short on coaching staff. When Pedro was sacked he took two members of his backroom staff with him, his assistant and his goalkeeping coach. In order to facilitate this we have promoted within, with Colin Stewart and Murty stepping up. Clearly that leaves us short on two coaches for the development team. Are we just to sacrifice the in the short term the coaching of our youngsters?

The coming days may see the squad return to winning ways, and maybe (don’t hold your breath) at last appoint a new manager, but the handling of this whole situation has raised more than a few doubts in the minds of many fans.

As to the competence of the board and Mr King; a mess I’m afraid was all of his own making.