Liverpool boss' Covid complaints highlight Gerrard's excellent Rangers work
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Liverpool boss' Covid complaints highlight Gerrard's excellent Rangers work

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has complained about the physical demands being put on his players by having to play games in midweek as well as at weekend and, it has only served to further highlight the excellent work Steven Gerrard is doing at Ibrox.

After his side’s win over Leicester City, Klopp demanded something be done about the hectic schedule whining that he doesn’t have enough players to rotate his squad and keep them healthy.

Despite the Anfield side getting close to £200million last season in Premier League TV and prize money last season, somehow playing a similar calendar to clubs across the UK is too much for Klopp’s pampered superstars.

“If you don’t start talking to BT, we are all done. If we keep playing on Wednesday, and Saturday at 12:30, I’m not sure if we will finish the season with 11 players. I know you don’t care, and that’s the problem,” Klopp said, quoted by James Nalton on Twitter.

“It was never about us when I’ve spoken about it. It’s about all the players. England players, players who play at the Euros next summer. It’s not just about Liverpool, it’s about all the players out there.

“Yesterday, Pique massive knee injury. Today maybe Saka, I’m not sure, looks like a knee injury – he played all three games for England in the international break.

“Then people tell us we have to rotate. Who? We have offensive players we can rotate. The rest are all kids.

“If someone tells me again about [TV] contracts, I go really nuts. Contracts were not made for a Covid season. We all adapt. We stand here in masks, we adapt. Everything changed but the contract with the broadcasters [who say] – ‘we have this so we keep this’ – What?!”

Since the start of the season, Rangers have played six more competitive games than Liverpool (21 to Liverpool’s 15) – although the Reds were playing in June and July before kicking off their season in mid-September – but the idea that one of the biggest clubs in the world can’t handle the rigors of playing twice a week is utterly laughable.

Gerrard and Rangers would no doubt love the riches on offer to build and pad out his squad with multi-million-pound players – Klopp spent £70million on players this summer – who barely get a sniff at the first-team and it is a testament to Gerrard and his staff how fantastic the Gers have looked throughout the season so far.

The Rangers boss – a veritable rookie when compared to Klopp – has somehow managed to figure out how to cope with the demands of domestic, European, and international football on his squad without as much as a complaint.

While everyone wants to avoid injuries to players and weakening their side, Klopp just needs to look to the man tipped as his Anfield successor if he wants an idea of how to cope with the hectic schedule.