Dear Sir Walter Smith,

Aside from the heath benefits and time spent with your grandchildren, are you really enjoying yourself more now?

I only ask this on behalf of all Rangers fans who would much rather see you don your cardigan and brogues down Govan Way rather than back towards Mount Florida.

Retirement is meant for men of my ilk, the mere mortals that walk amongst us. I worked with my hands (until cutting a good bit off). We joiners, brickies, accountants and council workers get to retire.

Leaders of men do not.

You are by far and away a leader of men. A man whose very presence and sheer qualities has men bowing to your every desire, scared to do you wrong. They will go the extra mile for you and speak of you as a father figure – that can’t be bottled or bought, it takes years to earn and very few people have it.

I am of the understanding that you would be quite willing to, at the very least, listen to the SFA, along with their proposal for the manager’s role. The hours are good and they provide first class travel but please go where the love is and come back to the Rangers.

I don’t care much about upsetting Mr. Murty. He is a nice man who will have go on to have a decent career in football, he has done very well all things considered, I thank him very much for that.

Rangers is for winners and you are a winner. If you seriously want to go back into management then Ibrox is your home.

Walter, you have the respect of everyone involved at Ibrox and I will fully respect whatever you decide. I only ask you fully consider every avenue before making your final choice.

When you stumble, and you will, who will be there to pick you up? The Tartan Army or the club you help set standards and traditions at? Go where the love is.

Say no to the Tartan Army, come home where you have always belonged.

Let’s get the band back together for one more tune.


Steven Harrigan

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