The defeat to Kilmarnock saw Rangers play poorly yet again. Let’s have a look at the ratings for the players on the day.


Wes made two great saves in the second half, and was unlucky not to assist a goal in the first. He had no chance with the goals, and was let down by poor defending. If not for his performance, Rangers would have lost the game by a bigger margin.


Tavernier was booked early in the game. He was lucky not to receive a second yellow card not long afterwards, as Jones was giving him real problems. After that, his defending improved somewhat, and he was involved in any decent football Rangers played. Overall though, he didn’t make much of an impact on the match.


Bates had probably his worst game for Rangers. He’s not the best on the ball, but usually defends very well. In this game, he was exposed more than once, and made some questionable decisions. He stepped out when he should have dropped back at the first goal, and wasn’t strong enough at the second. He’s brought in by Murty as he’s deemed reliable, but in this game he was unable to offer that.


Wilson was also exposed at the goals, with poor decisions and not being strong enough. Throughout the game, he done most things decently, but was prone to losing possession with a long ball. Of the defenders, he was the best on the day, but that’s damning him with faint praise.


Hodson was caught out far too easily for the first goal. He never looks entirely comfortable at left back, and that was the case yet again. Brophy gave him a lot of problems in the second half. Hodson really struggled to offer an outlet going forward.


Candeias didn’t have a good game, but was unlucky not to finish with yet another assist. His crosses for Windass and Morelos that should have led to goals were strong contributions, as was his play which led to the opening goal. However, he didn’t do very well at other stages of the match. He seems to be in very poor form at the moment, with even his usual workrate suffering.


McCrorie was asked to play in a midfield partnership with Holt, and they were both outnumbered in the centre. As such, he spent a lot of the match chasing shadows, and had very little time on the ball. A couple of great runs and tackles in the first half were the most memorable things he done. It was a poor performance, but was as much about the job he was asked to do as anything else.


Holt suffered in the same way as McCrorie, as the team selection left them exposed. He was bullied in midfield by Mulumbu, unable to knock him off the ball at any point. The game largely passed him by as Kilmarnock dominated.


Despite opening the scoring, it wasn’t a good day for John. His goal was a great finish, and he had a couple of nice runs in the first half, but he really faded in the second half. Very unlucky not to get an assist with a cross which Morelos didn’t anticipate.


Windass kept trying to get Rangers going, but like any forward player he struggled as the team lost the midfield battle. He missed two great chances in the match, and had he scored either you suspect the result would have been very different. It was his cross which led to the opening goal in one of the very rare moments of good football from the team. He was playing high up the pitch next to Morelos, as instructed. When the game was going against Rangers, it required more in midfield, but neither striker took the responsibility to step back and help out.


Morelos had one of his poorer matches. He didn’t anticipate two great crosses which could have been tap-ins for him. He was also letting frustration rule his decisions as he charged around the pitch, giving away fouls often. As a young striker with a lot to learn, he’ll hopefully have picked up some lessons in this match.


As always, Herrera was thrown on with not long to go in a match we were chasing. He had little impact, and in truth had no chance of doing so.

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