You know that hotel right on the beach you stayed at last year, the one who had great cocktails and fancy restaurants? Or that cut of rib-eye steak from the place in the centre of town, well what about that pint you got last weekend while out in some high end night club, chances are you overpaid for all those things. ‘So what?’ I hear you say, ‘they were worth every penny’.


Sometimes in life you must overpay for the things you want, this is what Rangers now must do in the search for a manager in my view.

I like Graeme Murty, he has grown in the role since being thrust into the hot seat for the second time, but he is not the answer. By all accounts he is well liked and an extremely good coach, I just feel he is not who we need right now.

His failure to influence or make positive changes that have an impact on the outcome of games I fear will be his downfall. Maybe I am being too harsh on the man and that is a view that I fully understand. I would certainly not be driving him out of town for a manager of any other Scottish Premiership side, he has earned the job if that is the level of competition.

Last summer Rangers overpaid in a big and costly manner for more than a few players, Carlos Pena being the most glaring, so why not overpay for a manager of real substance? After all, he is the most important person at a football club, setting out the structure and manner of which a side sets up and plays.

Football is all about fine margins, if we are going toe to toe with our cross city rivals in the battle for a players signature and it comes down to a choice between the two managers, my fear is the player will always go for the more established name, right or wrongly. It gives me no pleasure to state this it is simply my view.

In the last transfer window Mark Allen and Mr. Murty showed they are capable of identifying players, vastly improving our squad from the one who ended the year in many key areas. Unfortunately we are still short of overall quality in some, one I believe is the managers job.

The Rangers job is not a job where you are afforded time to do on the job training, nor should we ever just settle for the easy choice.

My preference would be for Mark Allen to reach out and identify suitable candidates for the role, keeping Murty on as part of the coaching staff would be a wise move in my eyes, if it means overpaying for the man they truly want then so be it. Like that steak and that pint in the fancy glass, sometimes you just need to let go and splash out.