If we are being honest, did anybody expect us to play free flowing, one-touch passing, highly entertaining football? Fraserburgh, to give them the respect they are due are probably capable of playing league football but are still several levels below that of Rangers. So, what can we learn from a game where the wind blew and the pitch was akin to a boggy, ploughed field that had been rolled to make it look presentable for the TV cameras?

Rangers Fans Have Become Hyper Critical

When you keep an eye on social media during a game it is incredible some of the things you read. We were in total control and possession was comfortable although I would have liked to have seen Jak Alnwick not take as much time on the ball given the playing conditions! It certainly wasn’t pretty to watch but for a second think logically. Fraserburgh were always going to run themselves into the ground for 60 minutes then start to tire. They were going to press and harass and chase for as long as they could. And they did so manfully for about an hour. Patience is a virtue. The conditions were a great leveller, you could see the players slipping whilst trying to pass or take an extra touch because of the ball bobbling. Sometimes you just have to accept that winning and controlling the game is more important than how it is done.

Josh Windass Needs To Play At 10

Now that he has found his confidence, there is no doubt that Windass is one of our most effective attackers. Each goal demonstrating different qualities. The penalty – composure, mental strength. His second – great first touch and finish and the third – the ability to create and score a goal from nothing. The opposite could be said of Niko Kranjcar. His night best summed up by a free kick he hit directly against the wall from out wide. He will always have the 2-3 nice little touches and lay offs (Windass’ second goal for example) but his overall contribution is now holding the team back. With the addition of Murphy, Windass can now play in his preferred central role without the team being weakened.

Murty Is Growing Into the Role

Despite a hat-trick, Murty wasn’t happy with Windass’ performance. He’s given him specific instructions and although he is improving, Murty wants more out of him which is an encouraging sign. When asked about the Morelos transfer “saga” he has been very clear, he’s not going anywhere unless he decides otherwise. He is starting to believe he is the manager rather than just keeping the seat warm.

Jamie Murphy Is Class

Sometimes you watch a player and can tell, even without doing anything particularly special that they are just better than you already have and will improve the team. He has the same work rate as Candeias, he can beat a player from a standing start and above all he does the basics really well. His touch, passing and speed of thought are all a marked improvement. He adds a balance we haven’t had and now teams can’t afford to protect just one side of their defence. Hopefully Murphy and John can form as effective a link as Candeias and Tavernier.

The BBC Pundits Need Extra Homework

I watched the game live but then saw the highlights provided by the BBC, every commentator, honestly, believed that it was a soft penalty?! I’m sorry but, come on, you clatter into the back of a player without getting the ball in the box and you’re giving a penalty away. It was the very definition of stone wall. In any job if you can’t do it properly you get retrained, then if you still can’t do it you get sacked. Pundits across the various Scottish football providers seem to be exempt from this it would appear, don’t get me started on Andy Walker, it would be nice if he just knew the basic rules rather than basing opinions purely on his agendas!

Anyway, in a game that turned out exactly as expected there was never going to be much to speak about, if there is anything that caught your eye other than *insert player* should never play for Rangers again it would be great to hear it!