Confession time. I must have seen , all the Rocky, Rambo and Expendables movies about 50 times and you know what it’s never been for the endings. We all know how these type of films end, it’s the bit in the middle that’s the surprise and that’s exactly how I feel about the Rangers managerial situation. It’s simply a case of when, and no longer if, Derek McInnes takes over at Ibrox.

Aberdeen Football Club appears to be flexing what muscles it has left in this saga in some form of last ditch attempt to save face with a large section of their support. This will have come as no surprise to the Rangers fan base, with the rivalry between the clubs, all this despite the Dons only managing to beat Rangers once in 30 years at Ibrox.

It is evidently clear to anybody watching the developments that McInnes can no longer remain in charge at Pittodrie. Dons fans will brand him a snake casting aside all too quickly the success he has stowed apon them. The fact he stabilised the club that had been a laughing stock, with a series of failed mangers, regularly finishing in the bottom half of the table before his arrival and delivering them a piece of silverware in his tenure. All this due to the fact his head has been clearly turned and his mind set now on the challenge of restoring his former side to glory.

They will tell you it’s not about money but we all know it’s always about money. Aberdeen are well within their rights to make every attempt to get what they deem market value or wait until Rangers match his release clause. This is just the Scottish Premiership’s version of the price is right.

I fully expect this to reach a conclusion in the next few days , with it having far bigger risk of impact and disruption to the Dons, who play a day before Rangers on Friday night. Having a manager in charge who has no desire to be there is not a ideal situation, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The whole process and amount of time taken by the Rangers board before approaching Aberdeen ,can be called into scrutiny , but just like in Rocky we all know how this will end , that however doesn’t mean the next few days won’t make interesting viewing.