Actions always speak louder than words.

In a week the Rangers support has again been forced to endure the slanderous ramblings of rival “fans” and it’s highly vitriolic nature, in what can only best be described as a defamation of character to our club. The board’s actions have spoken louder than any words could.

Personally, I await with baited breath the full condemnation of those responsible for the vile lies by the mainstream press, yet again it seems like open season on the club and its support, stemming from the same group of individuals that shout and take offence at the slightest slant or fake outrage.

Firstly I believe the board is right not to go after the deranged and troubled people who see it fit to spread lie after lie, it would only further dilute the intensity and purpose of any future statements that the board require releasing, ones that will hold far more importance on actual matters.

Quite simply acknowledging and highlighting the bitter and twisted people at the heart of the lies, would thrust attention onto them rather than simply ignoring the white noise they create. Secondly, it would back the club into somewhat of a corner, forcing statement after statement to be realised at even the most fabricated and fantasist of stories, whose only desire is to disturb and gain focus.

It’s clear the club does have a problem, I hope the Rangers directors are at least making a phone call to their opposite numbers at Parkhead in order to raise the matter, whilst engaged in that call, my hope would be that a question or two would be put forward as to why Celtic also see it fit to host a crowd-funded movie on conspiracy theories about Rangers and referees inside Parkhead. This also is surely a matter for the SFA to investigate, once again undermining and questioning the integrity of its employees. If this does not constitute bringing the game into disrepute then I am at a loss to explain what does.

I myself have been critical of the board at times, regarding some of their previous actions, however I feel I must now give credit where credit is due. This week we have seen the introduction of three youth coaches, all of good standing. On a personal note having seen Kevin Thomson speak on a number of occasions, he comes across as a highly articulate man, whose passion for coaching and improving players has shone through. I would like to wish them all the best in the respective roles.

We have also seen Jaimie Murphy and Sean Goss secured with more to follow I’m sure during the transfer window. The club appears to be acting in a swift and professional manner in conducting its dealings.

This week has also seen plans be publicised, continuing work to upgrade and maintain our UEFA five star Ibrox Stadium. I can also assure you that work has and will continue to be ongoing on parts of the stadium. Some that are less visible to the eye, but nevertheless just as important. It is worth keeping in mind that the stadium, along with its maintenance had been neglected for a prolonged period of time and patience is required while work is being carried out.

The financial situation of the club is extremely positive when you take all things into consideration, including our recent history. The board have very capable people in place throughout to ensure this will continue to be the case.

We might not have the riches of some other clubs at present but what we have you can’t buy, a loyal supporter base that continues to support in its numbers and a history we can all be proud of.

Just keep in mind empty tin cans make the loudest noise.

Let me know your views please

@steven_harrigan @rangersnewsuk