Castore have come in for criticism in the past from Rangers fans for, well, pretty much everything, however, how big their range is can only be commended.

There is something for all ages, sizes and shapes but, there is one thing missing from their product catalogue – a leather jacket.

One fan on Follow Follow might just have given the Beahon brothers at Castore an idea though after posting an advert on the popular forum.

Selling for £120, but happy to take £100, the poster – who will remain nameless – was advertising a black leather jacket emblazoned with a Rangers crest on the front and back.

The replies didn’t fail to disappoint:

“I wouldn’t answer the phone in that.”

“Does it come with a free tub of Brylcreem?” asked another.

“Tell you what mate, I’ll give you £50… keep it and wear it in public!”

Who needs Netflix when you can sit and read a thread on a fans’ forum and scroll through social media?

What next for Castore and Rangers?

Leather jackets aside, the disgruntlement around Castore has abated, for now.

The end of season kit sale is well under way which can mean only one thing – the kit release for next season will soon be upon us.

For the first time in the three year partnership, there have been no leaks, no concept kits that look official, or any grainy videos posted from photoshoots.

Every season, Castore has given a nod to the past with their strip designs.

The 2022/23 home strip is a throw-back to 1986 and 2010, with the white away strip design being seen on a couple of occasions, the first time being in 1988.

The Andy Murray-backed firm haven’t been too controversial with their designs, playing it safe on most occasions but more radical products they have released for other clubs and countries could be popular for Rangers.

As long as they don’t look too far into the past and replicate this leather jacket.

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