Little over six years ago this club and everything that goes with it was faced with the very real prospect of disappearing, the fans were the driving force that ensured that would never happen.

I have never been prouder to be a Rangers fan, in just that short space of six years, the way the supporter base has pulled together has been nothing short of remarkable. Every game is now a sell-out, has been for the majority of that span. I was there during nine in a row, let me tell you that wasn’t always the case then. We have chased away boards and hounded Mike Ashley out of town, all the while during a time when some of the football on display has been at best described as poor.

We are stronger together, the way in which the support has become unified and stuck together is astounding, I firmly believe when our children’s children look back on this time it will be met with a level of pride and celebrated just the same way all our titles have before and will be again. We did not allow our club to die, go quietly into the abyss or become a shadow of its former glory, we took our medicine, and in numbers that other clubs can only dream of went to every ground in the land, singing our hearts out in support of our team.

In my humble opinion, one of the most positive things to emerge from this is Club 1872, it offers a check to those who would dare try again to take the club from the fans.  I have not and will not always agree with every decision or choice they make, that’s Ok, with a membership base sitting over 8000 how can we all agree on every matter.

That is the purpose of a board in any business or organisation, you trust them to get on with the tasks at hand. At times making choices that prove unpopular, or they feel will have a long-term benefit.

My view is an independent fans group is a massive positive, club 1872 it was built from the success and mistakes from past fans groups, emerging stronger from the lessons taught by those who went before. Club 1872 now owns 10% of Rangers and is the second largest shareholder, ask yourself would you rather have a Mike Ashley or Craig Whyte, have the shares?

To come this far in six years, especially with all the turmoil that has embroidered the club at points is something that should be celebrated and shouted loud.  It saddens me that the biggest threat to this seems to come from within, supporters of own club with short-sighted or personal grudges are clearly trying to derail momentum.

The level of vitriolic personal abuse directed at some board members is shameful, these people give up an awful lot in personal sacrifices, for not a great deal in return, a thankless task at times.  If you have any issues, raise them in a constructive manner, I’m sure all feedback is welcome. You also have a choice don’t invest, that alone is an individuals choice and right. What has occurred is the equivalent of a vegetarian standing outside a steakhouse screaming at people going for dinner.

Club 1872 is there for us all. Maybe it’s about time some people asked of themselves, is my actions with the best interests of Rangers at heart, or is it for my personal gain?

As always happy to debate this, get in touch.

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