Why did we expect this year to be any different? Same pantomime, as last year.

That’s it done for another year, and just like the previous years, it was a sideshow.

As predicted we got the pressing questions of “what school did you go to?” to the Rangers Chairman, and the all-important one of the Celtic supporters’ away allocation Ibrox, all this in a time where we sit 4th in the league, are reliant on soft loans and have no manager in place despite sacking Pedro Caixhina over a month ago.

Two full questions were wasted on Celtic’s allocation, and we got nowhere near the level of clarity on a number of pressing subjects.

On the manager search, nothing was asked or presented as to just what level of applicants had been received. I think we can all agree it is still Derek McInnes’ to turn down, like it or not. If he does turn it down it’s most likely we will be forced to see out the season with Murty in charge, a situation that despite last night’s positive result is far from acceptable in my eyes.

On the subject of Ibrox, we were told plans are afoot, on both the regeneration of the surrounding area and general maintenance, these again without any details, on how much funding is being set aside, how are we raising that funding, and what is the time frame for this to be completed. Forgive me for being cynical, but have we not heard all this before? Plans and plans with no concrete evidence or time frame.

We were told that we will continue to be reliant on soft loans in the short term, and that the selling of players below the market value was something being looked at. What really, you don’t say?

Again, as expected, the chance for shareholders to grill the board and get more pressing answers has passed by.

This board are starting to display a level of arrogance and discontent for the ever-loyal fans, one that will be their undoing should the tides turn even further against them.

All that was missing was shouts of he’s behind you. Roll on next year.

Let me know your views as always.