Cinch speculation raises serious questions over SPFL decision-making: Our View
Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for cinch

Cinch speculation raises serious questions over SPFL decision-making: Our View

An incredible article buried in The Times over the weekend has raised some major questions over the SPFL’s decision making this season as it was suggested that Rangers ongoing dispute with the SPFL over their sponsorship with cinch would become a “stress point”.

According to the article, concerns at Hampden were “eased” by Celtic’s title win this season with some even claiming that cinch would refuse to pay up what they were contractually obliged to give the SPFL had Rangers ended the season as Champions.

Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for cinch

“I know there had been growing dissatisfaction from cinch about Rangers’ lack of co-operation,” The Times [via the Daily Record] quoted a ‘Hampden source’ as saying.

“Had they become champions again and continued to ignore the sponsors then that could have become a stress point.

“With Celtic clinching the title at Tannadice, though, cinch would have noticed the great publicity they received and they’ll have benefited from at least as much publicity following the trophy presentation at Celtic Park on Saturday. That should show the sponsors the value there is to be had from the current contract.”

In addition to the anonymous ‘Hampden source’ an unnamed Premiership director said there were even some “strong voices” who had discussed taking legal action against Rangers, saying: “It had reached the stage where, in the event of cinch tearing up the contract, some strong voices had discussed acting against Rangers.

”That was referred to as ‘the nuclear option’ — taking out a class action and effectively suing them for the money they would have received from the original deal, although it’s unclear whether enough members would have the stomach for that.

“cinch have yet to make their second and third payments to the SPFL and the SPFL are due to pay us our round-up for the season in the next two or three weeks. If that cinch money isn’t there it’ll leave a major hole in their finances.”

SPFL need to answer questions over Rangers ‘fears’ and decisions made this season

If the SPFL’s fears that Rangers would win the title, the league need to come clean and give clarity on whether that played any part in the decision to temporarily suspend football in December, among other things.

For the league to have ‘fears’ that one of its members would win the title is a very worrying place for Scottish football to be and does little to give confidence that the SPFL are working for the benefit of all 42 member clubs.

Talks of legal action against Rangers seem particularly wild given the SPFL still haven’t managed to put the dispute with the club to bed, mainly because Rangers have acted entirely within the SPFL’s own rules.

However, while legal action against Rangers appears to be pie-in-the-sky, the SPFL need to come under some major scrutiny over their handling of the Gers’ dispute and their subsequent decision-making.

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