“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

This is a famous quote by the genius Albert Einstein, it’s also one of the more kinder phrases I could think of at present, when looking at describing our board.

So after weeks of speculation, Derek McInnes has turned down the offer to become Rangers manager. I like many of yourselves find this hard to understand on a emotional level alone. Many of us would walk barefooted over broken glass, for any role within the club, no matter the circumstances or remit presented to us.

I don’t wish to go in to McInnes’s reasons too much, for one I don’t care , although it is worth pointing out the two jobs he has turned down in order to remain at Aberdeen, Sunderland whom is rum by Martin Bain and the other is, of course, Rangers, run by our current board , and that’s where I want to direct my attention towards.

The decision of McInnes to stay put, has effectively left us scanted in the middle of Buchannan Street, with our pants at our ankles, metaphorically speaking. Despite this humiliation, of greater concern going forward has to be the boards handling, and failure to learn from past mistakes.

Let me know if this sounds familiar in any way. I would like if I may, ask you to cast your minds back to the clubs search for the director of football role, at this point the club was also searching for a new manager, with Graham Murty placed in the caretaker role following the departure of Mark Warburton. At first we were informed that the role would be in place before the new manager, this was explained to us as a vital step in the club’s new direction, allowing the new man to have his say on Warburton’s successor. Then all of a sudden the goalposts were moved. We were informed that the level of candidates was not what we hoped for, and the process would take longer than first expected.

Pedro Caxhina was then appointed, and despite terrible results that included our worst ever home defeat to Celtic, he was allowed to go on a summer shopping spree, unchecked and unquestioned, like a granny in Poundland. All of this on the back of the previous year, where we allowed Mark Warburton to bring in quantity over quality, once again not learning from our mistakes made.

The board clearly installed blind faith in Pedro, and there is no better evidence of this than after the most humiliating and embarrassing defeat in the club’s history, to Progres, there was no plan B in place. Not even a thought in the boardroom to start the search for his successor. Even with the writing on the wall, a string of poor results and players in exile, It is widely rumoured that Pedro only got sacked eventually due to Mr King suffering personal verbal abuse, when in attendance during the home loss to Kilmarnock.

5 weeks on, and one needless statement from his sacking, Dave King announced to the world at the club’s AGM, all but the name of Derek McInnes, telling us the new man would have a 3-year contract, and experience of the Scottish game. Showing the type, and level of arrogance we seen displayed by previous regime’s.

The delay in approaching Aberdeen for permission to speak to McInnes, made another thing perfectly clear, McInnes was not our first choice if we knew it so did he.

The whole situation has been a mess from the off, during that time we have allowed the Rangers observer, with its close links ( we all know who ) to the club, be allowed to tweet things out like a teenage girl, is this really the level of pr we have stooped towards. Then there’s the statement on Thursday night, telling us the guy we were offering the job to wasn’t ready anyway, it was petty at best and sounded like a jilted lovers text.

We have also lost ground on any potential January signings, as who can blame any player for thinking twice now, especially as you have no clue on who the manager will be.

Graham Murty will now remain in charge until January at the earliest, while I’ve no doubt in his character or passion, I must question whether or not we will win enough games in that time, in order to still be in contention.

This all comes down to the boards failure to learn from past errors, that and the fact they seem to be making it up as they go along, should set alarm bells ringing in all of us.

Dave King also took time at the AGM, to voice his displeasure over social media and bloggers, in yet another show of arrogance and ignorance, claiming he is no fan. Well, Mr King, the feeling is fast becoming mutual.