It’s that time of the year again folks; decorations are being put up, Slade and Wham are on endless repeat everywhere you go, TV adverts are trying to sucker parents into buying ever more expensive toys and D list actors are taking to the stage in pantomime but there’s really only one show in town; yes folks, it’s time for the Rangers AGM.

I’m quite sure we will get the endless and all important questions asked as always, like why are the pies so hot and why are some TV’s in the concourse still on standby? However I for one feel it’s time for this board to answer some serious questions and give us, the fans, clarity on a number of issues.

Firstly I think everyone will agree that the board we have in place at the moment have the clubs best interests at heart, and have saved us from charlatans and conmen alike but that shouldn’t absolve them of any criticism, tough or uneasy questions.

There are so many issues and questions that I would like to see addressed from the simple but still important will the strips be the correct shade of blue next season to the more serious and pressing concerns of who exactly did sanction the signings of players like Pena and Herrera less than a year after high earning flops like Rossiter and the whole Joey Barton affair.

Mark Allen’s role within the club and his remit must also be defined is he there to merely assist in the scouting of players or does he have a bigger say, this has never been explained once.

Questions also must be raised on the roles of Stewart Robertson, along with his bonus and our calamitous PR department, settling old scores in public and releasing weirdly timed statements. Just what do they bring to the club and who evaluates the job they do?

What is Dave King’s day to day involvement in the club and who if anyone has the final say in his absence?

The issue of the amount of investment required is pressing and must be answered even if it proves uncomfortable listening to some, including what exactly are the board doing in attempting to secure outside funding in order to move away from the soft loans we are reliant upon in the current climate. Together with a time frame of when does the board expect us to be a self sufficient club again , and what means are currently in place with working towards that very scenario.

Then we have the whole Pedro Caixinha debacle and just how much if any this has set the boards ambition backwards along with the true cost of his tenure.

One issue that must be raised at the very least if only to dispel any sort of rumours and provide clarity is that the mere presence of Mr King on the board is in some way stopping either outside investment or a bank in giving us a form of alternative credit. These answers should be laid out in a clear and concise manner for all to understand, leaving no grey areas.

It would be of great interest to me personally for the board to tell us just how many additional applications were received for the vacant managers job after the statement a few weeks back. Also how many of them are credible candidates for the role and are currently under consideration.

This boards vision short and long term could do with being clarified. Where do they envision the club in 5 years. This needs to be outlined to the loyal support, who continue in ever more impressive numbers, week after week, game after game.

The appearance of Ibrox stadium and its maintenance plans is something that has to be laid out. What plans are currently in swing and what level of improvements can we expect to see in the near and distant future?

On a far less serious note I think myself, along with a growing number of fans would like, one day, to see a museum and interactive experience in place of the old Edmiston House. However at this stage it requires capital we can ill afford to divert but I would like to know if it is in the boards long term plans.

I only hope that many of these questions and more will be answered when the meeting convenes because the festive, or otherwise goodwill towards this board may just be in short supply if they are not.