As Graeme Murty is tasked with carrying the board, the supporters and players hopes for the remainder of the season. I would like to turn your attention back to our pursuit of one target for the manager’s role, and have a sensible level-headed discussion on his reasons for turning us down.

We Rangers supporters are extremely passionate about our club, and our reaction when we as a club got turned down by Derek McInnes last month was met with anger and disbelief by many. How can he turn down the club he supported as a boy and played for, to stay at Aberdeen of all places.

The question and discussion I would like to invite your opinion on is quite simply , what if our board changed the goalposts as they have done with so many other important decisions, what if the reason he didn’t want to come was the that he simply couldn’t trust the people who were offering him the job he has always wanted.

What if in preliminary discussions, McInnes was promised full control of all teams, only for the board to change their minds? What if he was told he must retain certain members of the current coaching staff after first being told otherwise. I’m positive the issues raised above could have been overcome without much resistance and a healthy amicable discussion between the two parties.

The more difficult point to overcome might just have been that, after being told he would hold the final say in all transfers, this was once again reversed to it being Mark Allen’s remit. Finally, when presenting a list of potential new players to his would be employers, this was rebuffed and a counter list was given, one that McInnes felt was substandard and not of the calibre of player that would take us where we need to go. They want you to cook the dinner, but won’t let you shop for the ingredients.

Ask yourself the question would you be happy to take a job under these conditions? Put together with the knowledge that despite a contract not been signed, the Rangers chairman seen it fit to announce you in all but name at the club’s AGM, in an arrogant attempt to hold off uncomfortable questions. No wonder he had a good think on the drive up the road.

I expect any employees of Rangers football club to be held to a higher standard, no matter your role or position. We have prided ourselves on managers that hold values and have substance, has McInnes showed he is a man of good character by refusing to work with this board. Do you trust them?

McInnes as also refused to lower his standards to the schoolboy levels of Dave King, and his petty statement on the night he turned us down. We are Rangers and that is not how we should conduct ourselves, especially in public. This club has been built on strong men doing things the proper (Rangers way) and keeping our dirty washing out the public eye.

He might still prove to be the next Rangers manager, but for that to happen certain things would have to change, with this board who can tell what’s around the corner.

I realise this is quite a controversial subject for many and would like to take up any views and debate you may or may not have on the points raised, but I just personally feel it is too simple an argument to say he was too scared to take the job and I personally feel that is just not the case.

Steven Harrigan
@steven_harrigan @rangersnewsuk