I, Like many fellow Rangers fans, I’m sure will find myself glued to the TV on Sunday night, downing Budlight, stuffing my face for good measure to go along with staying up way past my bedtime on a school night, all for the biggest show on earth the Super Bowl.

The most extravagant showpiece on the planet takes place in Minnesota this Sunday, this February it will involve Philadelphia Eagles and favorites, the team they all love to hate the reigning champions, New England Patriots.

As a play on my 5 storylines to follow I have picked out 5 things I would to see, or not see at Ibrox next season from the Super Bowl.

Here are 5 things we should/shouldn’t take from the NFL:


Now, while NFL may also not be everyone’s cup of tea it, it allows us to discuss a growing topic of hot discussion and debate the one of VAR.

VAR, has already been tested in a number of countries, including Germany, France and in England with selected games in the F.A Cup, all with somewhat on the whole negative results. You only have to look at last weekend’s F.A Cup match involving Everton to see firsthand the amount of time that elapses between decisions.

Of course VAR or a form of it at least has been in place for many years in the NFL, all scoring plays go automatically under review. Coaches also have the option of throwing a challenge flag on disputed plays, as long as it’s before the final two minutes.

I am not a fan of VAR personally but you will only have to look at the first touchdown and the supporters faces in the stand this Sunday night as this takes place in order to illustrate my point, they all turn in bated breath to watch the replay on the jumbo tron, awaiting the final conformation that a touchdown has indeed been scored.

Scenes of pure unbridled joy like those witnessed at Ross County last Sunday would be things of a far forgotten past, just imagine if everybody had to think if the goal would in fact be given or not.

Football is all about raw emotion in my view, the minute we dilute it for anything I think we lose what helps makes the beautiful game so great.

Jumpers for goalposts, anybody, anyplace can play this game, while I think the level of officiating in Scotland is far below an acceptable level, VAR is not the answer. Why not simply focus on training up officials to a far better level. In turn not taking away the enjoyment from the fan in the stand.


Having been fortune enough on a number of occasions to take in NFL matches in a wide array of different cities, the one thing that never disappoints is the food on offer.

In Scotland the highlight at the confectionery stalls seems to be a festive pie or a soggy burger that has been zapped so hot,only somebody who possesses a fire-eaters pallet can handle it.

The food currently on offer at grounds up and down our country is quite frankly a disgrace in my view. Overpriced and all too often without substance or real taste, the pie stalls have not evolved with our eating habits over the last 20 years. We are simply just expected to put up with a substandard product, taking what we are given.

Every single NFL stadium I have attended has always had not only a staggering amount of choice of food available, catering to everyone’s needs, whilst also tipping the cap to the local cuisines but it is of exceptionally greater quality than I have ever come across on any ground across all divisions in Scotland.


The NFL does a fantastic job of getting everyone involved in a wide-ranging series of events pre match. I have kicked, thrown all to a varying degrees of success, it must be said but it gets all people of all ages involved, also spending money that goes back into the club, whilst having fun at the same time.

Get the t-shirt cannon to Ibrox on match days I say.

I do realise our climate or lack of land would not always allow the practicality of this but one can dream.


The high five has sadly all but gone from Ibrox. I can’t remember the last time I received a high five in the main stand rear, or at away ground, sad times indeed. Bring it back.

I would like to bring it back, no more manly shouting, fist pumps or over exuberant displays of celebration after a goal has been scored. No, we could replace that with high fives all round what could better indeed.


One of the greatest sights in the NFL season is seeing a game being played out in ridiculous conditions, with no or little regard for the players safety, after all they are paid enough, right ?.

Just think of no call offs for frozen pitches or a spot of rain, just let the game commence and the players get on with it. I’ve no idea what the score would end up but it would be one great watch, after all we are always looking for a ratings boost.

Unfortunately, I will be forced to wait at least one more year to see the other Bears, the ones who don the blue and orange of Chicago, compete for a championship.

Please don’t take all these suggestions seriously, all views are welcome. Get in touch.