Watch Graeme Murty make a wee boy’s day in Kid’s Hospital
Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

Watch Graeme Murty make a wee boy’s day in Kid’s Hospital

Graeme Murty is a kind of polarising figure at Ibrox. It’s strange.

He’s the man who stepped up to the plate when no-one else would. He steadied the ship at Rangers and he actually turned things around last season. At least for a while.

Josh Windass complimented his work in bringing the team together at the Florida Cup.

Dave King called him Rangers’ Man of the Year.

And here he is making a little boy’s day whilst decorating a children’s hospital ward.

He was always a nice guy, and to some this was his fatal flaw. But just look at how over the moon the wee guy is. Murty is acting in a superb ambassadorial role for the club here too.

Where did it all go wrong with some of the Rangers faithful?

I think on two fronts.

Murty was very vocal about wanting the job. This didn’t help him get it. It just put more pressure on him to prove he could handle it.

And then whatever happened between Wallace and Miller sealed the deal.

Graeme Murty worked hard for Rangers and in the end it wasn’t to be, but are some fans too harsh on him? (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

But he did a huge job for the club at the time and sacrificed a lot for us. The reaction from the first time he went back into the Academy to the second is night and day.

Murty continues to come into the Hummel Training Centre every day and continues to do sterling work with the Rangers Academy.

Well done Graeme. You helped make little Nathan’s day.