There's only one thing that's surprising about the Baku Rangers bar
Photo credit should read PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images

There's only one thing that's surprising about the Baku Rangers bar

If Baku didn’t come to Rangers, Rangers have most certainly come to Baku.
Earlier in the season, Rangers fans chanted about the Azerbaijani capital as if we were destined to make to the Europa League final. The truth is fans knew they weren’t.
But a Rangers bar in the city has been attracting attention all over social media today as Chelsea and Arsenal get ready to face off in the tournament’s final.

It’s not just Fred Nathan either. The Scottish Sun ran an entire story on the pub from the perspective of an “amazed” Chelsea fan.
And that’s just it. Why be “amazed”? Or at least present the entire thing as amazing; at least in the sense that it is surprising.
Rangers are a global club with a global fanbase. The notion that there’s a Rangers pub in a city of 2.25 million should come as a surprise to no-one.
There are Rangers bars and Rangers supporters everywhere. Even, as the case may be, in the basement of a curry house in Baku.

Rangers fans are amongst the most loyal and dedicated in world football. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

It’s not the Rangers bar that anyone should be surprised or amazed about. It’s that so many people continuously underestimate just how big the Glasgow club is.
By the same token – would either of the Old Firm sides have handed back tickets for the final if they had made it?