Gerrard impressive yet again with confident pre-match comments
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Steven Gerrard navigates potentially difficult press conference

It’s been a long, long fortnight. But if we’ve been caught up in some off-field dramas about Rangers heroes old and new, or petty public spats with rivals, one man has watched it all from afar. Despite being right in the thick of it. Steven Gerrard.

The Ibrox boss has been quietly observing a pretty hectic two weeks off the field.

Gascoigne. Lafferty. Aberdeen. All massive news. Fans, opposition and just about every ex-player, pundit and pro had their say. It was time for Steven Gerrard to have his. And in the usual style of the Liverpool Legend, he said everything right.

The man doesn’t mess around. He wants to focus on the football and that’s clear from his responses. Both in how he does it and what he says.


Steven Gerrard honest, forward and positive

After three huge issues off the field, there was always going to be questions.

On Lafferty, Gerrard said it was a “shame” but Rangers “respect and appreciate what’s gone on”. He then left anything else to be discussed between Lafferty and O’Neill. He said there’s nothing more to add to it, referring to the unofficial shortest statement in the history of Scottish football.

On the tickets, he simply said the more fans the better and that he was happy with the decision. Anything else that went on didn’t appear to phase him.

On Gascoigne, the Gaffer was very clear about what he thought of him. He said he was his “hero” and that as “a player, a talent and a man he deserves to be there.” Gerrard then pronounced his love for Gazza, saying that’s all that needed said.

A great photo of Steven Gerrard of Liverpool about to nutmegged by his “hero” Paul Gascoigne of Middlesbrough in 1999. Boro won 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Phil Cole /Allsport

On all three questions, he would not be drawn on anything controversial. He was straight talking, direct and most importantly, brutally honest. It’s not like he hides what he thinks, there’s just zero bullshit. No dramas, let everyone else squabble.

He handled a potentially difficult press conference very well. Can you imagine Pedro Caixinha after this week?

And with his answers to all three questions, no one can really argue that he hasn’t got a point.

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