St Mirren ask fans to offset losses after major Rangers and Celtic move


St Mirren ask fans to offset losses after major Rangers and Celtic move

Scottish Premiership rivals St Mirren have asked fans to offset losses from the decision to cut the allocation for both Rangers and Celtic this season.

The Buddies have taken the decision to cut the allocation of both sides of the Old Firm this season with Rangers and Celtic traditionally getting three stands.

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Following the lead of other sides – inspired by Hibs cutting Rangers’ allocation in 2018 and the famous Steve Clarke bye, bye speech – the hope is that the home support can fill the grounds and offset the lost income.

However, it’s clear that for whatever reason at present St Mirren cannot do this and they’ve now appealed to supporters to offset the losses with a one-off £30 donation.

This would suggest that whilst there is a hunger from Paisley to see the Rangers and Celtic support diminished on the road, they are still eager to recoup the cash both sets of fans bring.

An appeal to supporters reads:

“As a result of the decision to retain all three stands for home fans this season we are launching our incentive for a one-off voluntary contribution of £30 to offset the loss of income.

“The survey intimated that fans were willing to support this initiative so we invite you to contribute to this scheme.”

St Mirren hope to offset Rangers, Celtic ticket loss

It’s quite a revealing plan for St Mirren and shows just how important that Rangers and Celtic away day income is for Premiership clubs.

There are literally thousands of Rangers fans who’d fork out the cost of a matchday ticket to see their team in Paisley but St Mirren have decided on a different approach this season.

From the outside, it appears that this is asking fans to spend £30 to gain an advantage against two teams with a sizeable financial superiority.

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Others have also claimed that it’s spending £30 to lock out friends, colleagues and fellow football fans from attending a match just because they follow Rangers or Celtic.

Meanwhile, do the Rangers board need to shoulder some responsibility for not giving the club the right backing when we had the chance to assert our dominance?