SNP MSP tables motion for Parliament to recognise HMRC Rangers claim
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SNP MSP tables motion for Parliament to recognise HMRC Rangers claim

An SNP MSP has tabled a Parliamentary motion for the Scottish Parliament to recognise claims from HMRC that they did not make a mistake in calculating Rangers’ tax in 2012.

SNP politician John Mason, who is the MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, has put forward the motion titled “Importance of Trust in the Tax System” in respect of the Rangers case.

Mr Mason wants the Scottish Parliament to recognise the official stance of HMRC in order to reiterate publicly their support of the tax system and thus the situation involving Rangers.

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The motion reads:

“That the Parliament notes the recent publication by The Times, which stated that Rangers FC’s insolvency was the result of an HMRC overestimation of taxes owed by £50 million; understands that HMRC has stated that no such mistakes were made and that it won its case against Rangers’ tax avoidance scheme in the Supreme Court; recognises that HMRC has also stated that “inaccurate and partial reporting only serves to undermine public trust in the tax system”, and considers that public trust in the tax system is paramount given the importance of taxation for the provision of public services and ensuring a fairer and more progressive Scotland.”

The Rangers tax case, which eventually led to the holding company of Rangers being placed into administration and eventual liquidation, was dredged back up by the Times earlier in November.

The newspaper published a story claiming that Rangers could well have been overcharged by £50m through penalties relating to the tax case.

Former Ibrox Chairman John McClelland then claimed that had this not been the case, Rangers would have been able to source a suitable investor and salvage the holding company, paying creditors as a result.

Naturally, the entire thing drew an angry reaction from the Rangers supporters who’ve suffered as a result of the club being cast to the bottom division of Scottish football.

John Mason is a prominent member of the SNP and the MSP for Glasgow Shettleston. (Photo credit should read ED Jones/AFP via Getty Images)

HMRC then vehemently denied the claims in a short statement posted on their Twitter account, claiming “HMRC won against Rangers” and “did not miscalculate anything” [HMRC].

Rangers are said to be exploring “legal action” [Telegraph] after the Times story and this situation is considered far from resolved on the part of the Ibrox club.