SNP councillour makes ridiculous Rangers NHS tax claim amid coronavirus outbreak
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SNP councillour makes Rangers NHS claim amid coronavirus outbreak

An outspoken SNP politician has shoehorned Rangers’ financial collapse in 2012 into the debate over Scottish league titles and the coronavirus outbreak.

SNP council leader Christopher McEleny is a councillor for Inverclyde representing Gourock and was clearly triggered by the response of Rangers fans to the title debate.

So much so that McEleny tried to attach any potential strain on the NHS amid the coronavirus outbreak to tax avoidance at Ibrox pre-2012.

Responding to Alex Rae amid the former Rangers player’s own fiery debate with Michael Stewart over awarding the title, McEleny appeared to claim the mighty Sevco have a hand in the NHS’ capacity being lowered.


“Footballs cancelled because of the stress large events will have on public services like the NHS and Police,” writes McEleny.

“Public services have less money to fund the NHS when football players cheat their tax.”

The likes of prominent sports broadcaster David Tanner were quick to criticise the Inverclyde councillor for his comments.

Tanner was then shut down by McEleny, who once again highlighted tax issues and tragically commented on EBTs.

Whilst McEleny chose to highlight the EBT storm which resulted in Rangers being punished way back in 2012, he did conveniently forget to mention the culture of tax evasion at Celtic Park.

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell, former manager Martin O’Neill and current boss Neil Lennon were all linked to a £434m tax evasion film scheme in 2016 [Daily Record].

Yes. A councillor did indirectly try to attach a portion of blame to Rangers for the impending coronavirus outbreak.  (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Billionaire Celtic owner Dermot Desmond was also one of a number of high-profile names leaked in the Panama Papers documents of 2017 [BBC].

But hey, just shut up and give them the bloody title, right?

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