Popular Rangers vlogger CJ Novo has blasted BBC Scotland after appearing on Sportscene via a fan reacts video.
Vlogger CJ Novo also claims that he has rejected the BBC multiple times but after an email and “fantastic conversation” with someone at the national broadcaster he agreed to go on the show.
But after Sportscene continued to lambast Rangers and ignore multiple off-pitch incidents involving other teams from the weekend Novo said his “heart sank” when the show was released.

“I know the troubles between Rangers and the BBC, I’ve made so many videos calling out the BBC and Sportscene that are still on my channel and trust me, they know about them as well,” said Novo, in a video on his Youtube channel.
“I’ve rejected the BBC a number of times but there was something about this email that really intrigued me, then I had a fantastic conversation with a BBC guy.
“The idea he had is absolutely nothing like the product that came out on Sportscene.
“When I heard [the new ideas] I bought into it, it was an absolutely tremendous idea that we get to go on there and speak positively about Rangers.
“But if you watched Sportscene, it was the exact same story there’s been every single year.
“That’s why there’s so many people that don’t watch it and that’s why so many people absolutely hate it.
“There were jabs here and there throughout the entire show.”
The vlogger then apologised to fans for going on the show and said he sent the Beeb a message saying he’d no longer be involved going forward.
BBC Scotland rejects claims that he was misled by the production. But they would say that.

Rangers and their fans continue to be lambasted by BBC Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)
It’s the latest Rangers fan-related run-in with the broadcaster.
Rangers SLO Greg Marshall has demanded an apology from BBC Scotland’s chief sportswriter Tom English after comments made about the crushing incident at Rugby Park.
Popular Rangers blog Four Lads Had a Dream have also launched a scathing attack on BBC Scotland pundit Michael Stewart for comments he made on the same issue.
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