Rangers to pilot new smoking scheme during matches
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Rangers to pilot new smoking scheme during matches

Rangers have announced plans to introduce a smoking area at half-time on matchdays.

The pilot project will begin with the Sandy Jardine Stand at half-time during Sunday’s match with Hamilton.

The idea comes from supporter feedback via the Rangers Fan Survey. It allows supporters to nip out for a quick fag whilst the players take a breather.

At half time stewards will be located at Gate 43 and 49 and manage a dedicated smoking area. Fans will return via the same gates and the club has ensured everyone the measure will be appropriately stewarded.

The scheme will be piloted in the Sandy Jardine stand. It could also be rolled out to the rest of the stadium if successful.  (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

A club statement read:

“Rangers are keen to ensure supporters voices are being adequately heard within the club and are pleased to trial this opportunity to respond to an issue that was highlighted in supporter feedback.

If the pilot project is successful, and smoking is eliminated from inside the stadium then it is possible that smoking areas would be rolled out across the stadium.”

This is all about improving the matchday experience for fans. It also allows people to have a smoke and pass the 15 minutes at half time.

By allowing people to smoke outside and get back in, you also eliminate many people’s pet peeves on matchdays. Fellow supporters smoking in the toilet.

It’s a good move by Rangers, and is the latest in a line of off-field developments by the club.