Rangers’ second-largest shareholders Club 1872 have claimed BBC Scotland has developed a “culture” where “Rangers are fair game for false and malicious reporting” in a stinging statement.
The fans’ group have provided an update to supporters about the ongoing, high-profile dispute with BBC Scotland which has seen the national broadcaster boycott covering Rangers games.
Club 1872 claims “BBC Scotland are strongly resisting any attempts to address their biased coverage of our club”.

Rangers have pledged to continue to fight the biased reporting from the BBC. (Photo credit should read Ian MacNicol/AFP/Getty Images)
The statement addresses numerous examples of inaccurate reporting on the club and discusses the turgid, bureaucratic complaints process the club have been put through as a result of calling them out on it.

Rangers claim that BBC Scotland’s position is that these regular, inaccurate reports are “incompetent rather than malicious despite the frequency with which they occur”.
Club 1872 also criticises BBC Scotland for their refusal to cover Rangers’ wide-reaching, progressive Everyone, Anyone campaign which has been warmly welcomed by the club’s supporters.
It has also been well received by other news outlets and had government backing [
RangersTV], yet the license fee-funded broadcaster saw fit to omit it from their coverage.
The statement then includes numerous replies which indicate BBC Scotland can cover issues concerning Rangers with whatever treatment they so desire.
As a result Club 1872 “believe it is important that supporters are given this information because it is now clear that BBC Scotland does not consider it has a duty to be impartial but that it can report in any way it sees fit.”
BBC Scotland have had a whole range of misreported, inaccurate, biased information go out against Rangers. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
The club then criticises the use of clearly biased political and social commentators with a history of “hate speech” towards Rangers supporters in their coverage.
The shareholders are encouraging individual supporters to utilise the complaints process as they are, whilst also pledging their commitment to challenging these obtuse and incorrect reports.
This is the second major release from Club 1872 in the past week, with the group also releasing a statement to supporters amid the ongoing High Court debacle with Sports Direct [Club 1872].
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