Rangers have released arguably the cutest feature in the club’s history as they celebrated the celebrations of “Rangers’ smallest superfan”.
Angelo Chapman took the internet by storm when a video of him celebrating Ryan Jack’s Old Firm winner in December went viral.
Earlier in the week the wee man took a visit up to the Hummel Training Centre to meet Ryan Jack. And the club how now released a video of the youngster’s trip. Try watch this and not smile.

Angelo’s smile and celebration is infectious as he runs amok in the Rangers training centre. Some left peg on the wee man too.
It’s a superb touch from the club and worthy recognition of Rangers’ smallest superfan. He’s already served a special ambassadorial role for the club with his video.
It was seen by millions and everyone connected to the sport who saw it, loved it. And how couldn’t you?

Ryan Jack’s goal sent Angelo into delirium. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The wee man raises his arms aloft taking off to the other side of the room shouting “goal” as Ryan Jack scores. It’s a feeling that every single one of us can relate too.
Let’s hope the wee man’s doing the same come Sunday. Rangers travel to Celtic Park to take on Celtic in the third Old Firm match of the season.

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