Rangers legend blasts 'greater good' Premiership shutdown claim
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Rangers legend blasts 'greater good' Premiership shutdown claim

Rangers legend Barry Ferguson admits he can so both sides of the argument over bringing forward the Scottish Premiership winter break – but the former Ibrox skipper rubbished the idea anyone is doing it for the “greater good.”

While Rangers and Ross County were opposed to bringing the break forward, the other ten clubs favoured it, leading to the break being brought forward by a week and causing the postponements of games against Aberdeen and Celtic.

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The Alloa boss can understand why “tempers are running high” at both sides of the Old Firm but he insists that anyone not putting their own club first is “not doing his job right.”

“So much for goodwill and season’s greetings,” the Rangers legend said [Daily Record].

“There’s never been much of that feel good stuff flying around in the world of Scottish football even at the best of times.

“But this Christmas? In the middle of a pandemic and with Rangers and Celtic slugging it out at the top of the table? I’m afraid you can stick your tidings of comfort and joy where the sun don’t shine.

“Don’t get me wrong, speaking purely personally, I’m like a big kid at this time of year. I honestly can’t get enough of it.

“But just because everyone else is full of festive spirit, let’s not pretend to be surprised at the latest row over Wednesday’s decision to bring the winter break forward by a couple of weeks. You could see it coming from a mile off.

“To be honest, I see all sides of this particular argument. First and foremost, we can’t lose sight of the fact there’s a virus ripping through the country which is still killing people and putting even more in hospital every day. It’s important to remember that before we start kicking lumps out of each other over a fixture schedule.

“But it’s also easy to understand why tempers are running high on both sides of Glasgow.

“The bottom line here is every club in the country has a responsibility to look out for No.1 when these decisions are being made. Pure and simple.

“Don’t give me all this ‘for the greater good’ c**p. It doesn’t exist.

“In fact, if there’s anyone involved in these discussions who isn’t putting their own club’s self interest first then he’s not doing his job right.”

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Premiership clubs like Rangers SHOULD be putting self-interest first

While there was never likely to be a unanimous agreement on moving the winter break, clubs pretending that they are doing it for altruistic means is as laughable as Celtic’s refereeing conspiracy.

Some of the clubs who have spoken have been forthright in the fact that the financial impact of games effectively being behind closed doors will have – but others saying they are doing it for the fans simply doesn’t hold water.

There is a very real chance that when games return in just over three weeks that fans still won’t be allowed into grounds as Rangers look to secure a second successive Premiership title.

If we’re going to hear the same excuses in January about the need to postpone games until fans can get in, then we’d be as well holding the Zoom call now.

Meanwhile, before taking any transfers into account Rangers could have up to six players ruled out of the rearranged Old Firm derby with Celtic in February.